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matrix pensieriNothing much escapes control dell’uomo engaged as the live; indeed there is no reality that is more difficult to know.

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Eloisa, Donzella accomplished and Hildegard of Bingen: three women of the Middle Ages in comparison

Articolo della lettrice Amina che propone una breve sintesi riguardante la storia di tre figure femminili legate al mondo medioevale, le cui vite esprimono i prodromi di una nuova attitudine della donna nei confronti della vita e dei rapporti d’amore. Abelardo ed Eloisa sono una coppia di amanti che è entrata a far parte dell’immaginario collettivo. La vicenda di Abelardo ed Eloisa, rispetto a quella di altre coppie celebri (come

Lei – Her – (Film 2013)

Articolo del lettore Pietro di sul fim Lei (Her) of 2013 Lei (Her) It is a film of 2013 written and directed by Spike Jonze, with star Joaquin Phoenix. The film describes a not too distant future in which computers have a major role in people's lives. ROBOTS acquire consciousness, feelings and extraordinary intelligence, anche superiori a quelle umane.Ricco di risvolti sociali di relazione tra

Roberto Olivetti e il sogno di una Silicon Valley italiana

La Silicon Valley sarebbe potuta essere italiana. Negli anni ’50, l’Ing. Roberto Olivetti – il figlio di Adriano – aveva già compreso che il futuro degli elaboratori personali non era la meccanica, ma l’elettronica. Roberto Olivetti iniziò a lavorare nella Olivetti & C. ad Ivrea nel settore commerciale e diresse per un anno la filiale di Verona. After, frequentò il corso in business administration alla Harvard University. Al rientro

The humble teacher and the superb master,it

A humble teacher asked a superb teacher: “As you realize that you are a good teacher?” “Simple, because the distance between my ability and that of my students is unbridgeable.” The humble master said: “Ah think that fool I am! I thought I was good because I promised the students that soon I would have made them get to my level!” “but how? and then?” – chiese meravigliato

Le nuove tendenze alimentari: le diete del “solo”

Dieta solo carne, dieta solo frutta, dieta solo carboidrati, dieta solo proteine, dieta solo grassi, dieta solo verdure…In televisione, la frequenza e l’interesse destati dai programmi e dai talk show incentrati sulle diete ed i regimi alimentari sono arrivati a livelli mai visti prima. often we see harsh ideological battles that make more audience of quarrels between politicians and politicos! La tendenza generale del momento è la dieta del “solo”.

Ramanujan - The man who saw the Infinite

The 9 June 2016 esce nelle sale italiane L’uomo che Vide l‘Infinito (The Man who Knew Infinity), un film che racconta la storia del matematico Srinivasa Ramanujan. The film is based on the book by Robert Kanigel, “The man saw that the infinite – The short life of Srinivasa Ramanujan, math genius” and it tells the true story of Srinivasa Ramanujan, Indian mathematical genius, che ha scoperto molte formule matematiche in maniera

The Nobel Prize war for peace

Who among us he has never played the video game where you have to kill as many enemies that appear before our eyes? And what would you say if, instead of "virtual puppets", press the button that would allow you to kill a person in the flesh? Unfortunately this is the new "fashion" of the pipeline War by the United States of America. The paradox is that this type of war

Adriano Olivetti: industry, common good and happiness

We talk about Steve Jobs, of Italian entrepreneurs ambiguous or questionable entrepreneurial superstars ethical and human point of view. Few know Adriano Olivetti. The case of Adriano Olivetti is unique in the recent history of mankind. Olivetti has been a successful entrepreneur, with extraordinary humanity, culture and sensitivity about the professional needs, human, "Eudaimonistic" workers. Its aim was to maximize the entrepreneur

Books in us

Mind you, even the cosmic fire carbonizzasse the whole universe, The books indestructible as diamond emerge intact from the ashes. Under a tree or on a rock, in the humblest huts, Poems and comments, collected and compendia live inside you. I wanted to also throw fire your books ever, You should first unlearn those ports etched in the belly. Ikkyu Sōjun


Fall, lift, fall and rise, and then fall and rise again. Do the impossible, and then lost for nothing. Thinking to succeed: shape the negative emotions and turn them into vases filled with enthusiasm. Try to throw out the window all the frustrations, replacing them with images full of wonder. Get to color the pale days with a bright smile. and then, fall again. Thinking to succeed, thinking that this time


Writing took away the soul. It was like putting a point in his life. After he had done, He had to take a break, shake off that sense of emptiness that left him: as if the ink take away something he. Return to life, lift your eyes, remove the pen from the paper. Yup, from the sheet; because thoughts for him ran better on paper, compared to the pounding rhythm of the keyboard: