The most powerful is he who has himself in their power.
In the middle of a great joy can not promise anything to anyone. In the middle of a great anger, not answer any letter.
Chinese Proverb – Aphorisms.
We must learn to endure what can not be avoided. our life consists, as the harmony of world, of contraries, and also of different tones, sweet and sour, treble and bass, soft and serious. The musician who loved only the first, what it would mean? We must know to use it as a whole and mix. And so we, i beni e i mali, that are consubstantial to our life.
If you do not want to leave even for an hour burden on you your own suffering, and from afar continually seek shelter at every possible misfortune, if you feel your suffering and affliction as evil, esecrabili, deserving of annihilation, as contamination of existence, Well, it means ... you have in your heart ... religion of life comfortable.
Ah! How little you know of happiness dell’uomo, voi gente pacifica e paria!
Giacchè the happiness and unhappiness are two sisters, and twins, that become great together or, remain small together.
Friedrich Nietzsche – Aphorisms.
The mind sa the truth, but we do not we listen to follow your heart when we should not and we ignore it when he speaks from’soul.
Rayda JacobsPhrases.
In life There are two tragedies. The first is the failure to achieve an intimate desire, the other is its realization.
George Bernard Shaw – Aphorisms.
You laugh at me because I'm different, but I laugh at you because you are all equal.
Jonathan Davis – Aphorisms.
There is only one way to avoid the criticism: do not anything, do not say anything and not be anything.
Aristotle – Aphorisms.
Well, a voi, you just tell the truth, because you know to read in people:
words and facts, lies and truth, for me everything is confused and everything is perfectly sincere.
Fedora DostoevskyPhrases.
If it is illegal for a uomo fend for himself, how can a uomo stay in the right?
Robin Hood – Ridley Scott – Aphorisms.
" … before the eyes of a beast collapses like a house of cards any philosophical system »
Not to engage in the pursuit of ideas is to live like ants instead of men.

Do not engage in search of ideas is live like ants, instead of as men.
Mortimer J. Adler – Aphorisms.

Shyness is a condition of the strange’soul, a category, a dimension that opens to loneliness. It is also suffering inseparable, as if they had two skins, and the second inner skin s'irritasse and contraesse opposite life. Among the human teams, this quality and this flaw is part of a whole that is in time the immortality of’be.

The trouble with the world is that the stupid are extra safe, and the intelligent are full of doubt.
Bertrand Russell – Aphorisms

pessimism of intelligence, optimism of the will.
Romain Rolland (Motto made famous by Antonio Gramsci).

The It Gave the 'as?’ it will slow down one day, but the It Gave the 'why?’ will never die.
Amin Maalouf – Phrases.

Have the courage to object to the fashions, and become every day a little 'more aware of your responsibilities. And 'this definitely the best contribution you can make to the cause of freedom.

Do not read, as children do, to have fun, O, as the ambitious, per istruirvi. Read on for live.
Gustave Flaubert – Aphorisms.
Before you judge my life my character or put yourself in my shoes, scoured il path I have traveled I. Live my pain, my doubts, my laughter. Live the years that I have lived and I fall where I fell and I raised like I did.
Luigi Pirandello – Phrases.
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