We are made of the same substance dreams.
And in space and time a dream It is enclosed our short life.
William Shakespeare

The world It is in the hands of those who have the courage to dream and run the risk of live their dreams.
Paulo Coelho - thoughts on dreams.
I Prefer be un sognatore fra i più umili, imagining what will happen, rather than be lord among those without dreams is wishes.
Kahlil Gibran - Phrases on dreams.
Only those who have a great dream, It can make a big dream
M. Gandhi - Aphorisms dreams.
Or make your own life a dream, and a dream, a reality
Antoine Marie Roger de Saint-Exupèry - thoughts dreams.
A uomo is old when regrets, in lui, exceed dreams.
Albert Einstein - Aphorisms dreams.
Dreams are illustrations from the book that your soul He is writing about you
Alan Drew - Aphorisms dreams.
Or che i sogni e le hopes
are real fans like flowers,
on the Moon and on Earth
make way for dreamers!
Gianni Rodari - poem about dreams.
The dreams seem real until we're in it ... Only when we wake up that we realize something was wrong!!
The Incetpio - Cobb Leonardo DiCaprio .
Sometimes dreams, like odor, refuse to give in to words their deepest essence.
Karen Blixen - Phrases dreams .
The life and dreams are sheets of a book: read them in order live, sfogliarli a case is dreaming.
Arthur Schopenhauer - thoughts dreams .
The interpretation of dreams is the "royal road" to the interpretation of the unconscious.
Sigmund Freud - Phrases dreams.
cities, like dreams, They are constructed of wishes and fears.
Italo Calvino - Phrases dreams.
The dream never mind about trifles; we do not allow trifles to disturb the sleep. Dreams reveal seemingly innocent mischievous, when efforts are made to interpret them.
Sigmund Freud - thoughts dreams.
You dream in his sleep because you can find what the day can not give you
Jim Morrison - Phrases dreams.
"Dreams are wishes
of happiness.
In sleep you have not thoughts
I express with sincerity. "
Walt Disney - thoughts on dreams.
The future belongs to those who believe in beauty of their dreams.
Eleanor Roosevelt - Phrases dreams.
The best way to make dreams come true is to wake up
Paul Valery - Phrases dreams.
"Have you ever had a dream much was real? And if from a dream so you were unable to wake up? How would you distinguish the world dreams from that of reality?" (Morpheus - The Matrix) - Phrases dreams.
The perfect clarity of all the representations dream, which has as a prerequisite the faith unconditional in their reality, It brings us back to the ancient states of humanity, when the hallucination was extremely frequent and took entire communities, entire peoples. Therefore, in sleep and dream, we perform once again the task of primitive humanity.
Friedrich Nietzsche - Phrases dreams.
We create world Dream, we bring the subject into that dream and he fills it with its secrets.
Inception Cobb - Leonardo DiCaprio.
The life It is too short to waste to fulfill the dreams of others.
Oscar Wilde - Sentences on dreams.
Most of our dreams will live with much greater intensity of our waking existence.
Hermann Hesse - thoughts on dreams.
The dreams if you believe, that they are not actually in advance. You would have said yesterday, Today we are here, with the whole 'soul. We now, two emotions that will give peace and permission to meet deeply with open arms to welcome bare.
We - Eros Ramazzotti - Sentences on dreams.
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