buono e cattivo, cattiveria e bontà The inventions of men follow one another from one century to another. Lo stesso si può dire in generale della bontà e della cattiveria del world.
Blaise PascalPhrases good and bad

The basic fact is that humanity survives thanks to the kindness, all’love e alla compassione. That human beings have the capacity to develop these qualities is their blessing.
Dalai LamaPhrases good and bad.
In The Meantime, about this little matter, I observed that the mutual misunderstanding and laziness are perhaps more male in world of malice and wickedness. At least the latter two are certainly more rare.
GoethePhrases good and bad.
Goodness is easier to recognize than to define.
Wystan Hugh Auden – Phrases good and bad.
The sad truth is that much of male It is carried out by people who do not ever decide to be good or bad.
Hannah ArendtPhrases buoni e cattivi.
Make sure you do not feel the wickedness of men, but to appreciate their goodness.
Roman Battaglia – Phrases good and bad.
"We have to be Cruel. We need to get used to be cruel with a clear conscience ".
Adolf Hitler – Phrases good and bad.
With the lack of anger is the anger wins.
By mercy will win the evil.
With generosity you win avarice.
With the truth si vinca il menzognero.
BuddhaPhrases good and bad.
Goodness and reason are not by nature, ma esistono in noi con i quali il case si diverte; ma possiamo be più forti del case e della natura, if only for a few moments.
Hermann HessePhrases good and bad.
Non c’è scusa nell’be bad, but there is some merit in knowing that; fare il male per stupidità è il più irrimediabile dei vizi.
Charles Baudelaire – Phrases good and bad.
The trust in the goodness of others is a remarkable witness of their goodness.
Michel De Montaigne - phrases goodness and badness.
Quello che mi wonder in world è che i cattivi non siano anche contenti.
Joseph Prezzolini - phrases goodness and badness.
Gli uomini diventano cattivi e colpevoli perché parlano e agiscono senza figurarsi l’effetto delle loro words e delle loro azioni. Are sleepwalkers, not bad.
Franz Kafka - Good and bad phrases.
Goodness and reason are not by nature, ma esistono in noi con i quali il case si diverte; ma possiamo essere più forti del case e della natura, if only for a few moments.
Leo Tolstoy - phrases goodness and badness.
Good or bad
It is not the end
First there is no right or wrong
to bear
Vasco Rossi - phrases goodness and badness.
Who believes that the badness of aid to get better, non fa altro che riflettere il peggio del nostro modo di live, that individualism, success, Competition, where goodness is guiltily confused with weakness.
Alfonso Iacono - phrases goodness and badness.
It is better to be good than bad, but goodness is achieved at a high price.
Stephen King - phrases goodness and badness.
There is a boldness of kindness that looks like malice.
Friedrich Nietzsche - Good and bad phrases.
That ungrateful, dopo tutte le volte che t’ho salvato la life.
the good – from The Good, the ugly, the bad - good and bad phrases.
He seemed to have dissolved the agonizing problem. It had neither good nor bad as had many other things. Goodness was the light that flashes and moments illuminated the dark human soul. It was necessary to give the torch burning light (in my mind there was, and sooner or later would surely also returned) and the thinking being that light could choose the direction to move itself then darkness.
Italo Svevo - phrases goodness and badness.
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