The male It is done without effort, of course, is the work of fate; the good is always the product of an art.
Charles Baudelaire

It is necessary that the’uomo draws ever closer to the good and to do more to preserve their mind wickedness. The mind one who does good deeds reluctantly, indeed, delights in male.
BuddhaPhrases Well on.
Each uomo He is guilty of all the good he has done.
Voltaire – Aphorisms Well on.
With the justice will reciprocate the male and with the good will reciprocate the good.
ConfuciusPhrases Well on.
There is only one good: the know. And one male: ignorance.
SocratesPhrases Well on.
One good thing we do not like, if we are not up to.
Friedrich NietzscheAphorisms Well on.
Live well it is the same as live with virtue and with justice.
PlatoPhrases Well on.
The real power of It Gave It consists not in preventing male, but in knowing how to draw good from evil.
St.’AgostinoThoughts Well on.
It is not difficult for a uomo do some good deed;
the difficulty is well all agir life, without ever anything wrong.
Mao Tse-tung – Aphorisms Well on.
Do good and you blush to see him secretly disclosed.
Alexander Pope – Phrases Well on.
You should think more to do well than to feel good: and so it would also feel better.
Alessandro Manzoni – Phrases Well on.
Work well and feel blamed it gives satisfaction to the king.
Anti Stene – Thoughts Well on.
L’ One can not be one of those things that is earlier: so you can not call it intelligence. And you not even name him Well, Well if to mean one of the things. Well if it means one who he is before all things, call it so well.
Plotinus – Thoughts Well on.
A uomo benevolent should afford some defect, in order not to look bad to their own friends.
Benjamin Franklin – Phrases Well on.
The beautiful It is the symbol of moral good.
Immanuel SideThoughts Well on.
It is moral which makes you feel good after you've done, immoral is what you feel rather bad.
Ernest Hemingway – Phrases Well on.
The important thing is not live, but live fine.
PlatoPhrases Well on.
Woe to those who call evil good and good evil;:
that transform darkness into light and light for darkness;
that turn bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!
Isaiah – Phrases Well on.
Everyone wants our good. Non fatevelo portar via.
Stanislaw Jerzy Lec – Aphorisms Well on.
Not enough to do good, We also have to get it right.
Diderot – Phrases Well.
Who loves you, It frightens you.
Aristophanes – Phrases Well.
Rightly they termed good: that to which everything tends.
AristotleThoughts Well on.
Nothing It is good or bad, if you do not plan to do good or evil.
In. Sheakespare – Phrases Well.
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