Il male

"We have to be Cruel. We need to get used to be cruel with a clear conscience ".
Adolf Hitler – Phrases over evil

Stars, hide your fires! Do not allow the light to illuminate my dark and deep wishes.
MacbethPhrases over evil.
Why do evil to triumph it is enough that the good renounce action.
Edmund Burke – Phrases over evil.
L’uomo is bad - So they told me to console me the most essays. Oh, if it were still true today! Since the badness and the force best of 'uomo.
NietzscheAphorisms over evil.
Lady Macbeth: But I fear that is your nature: too full of the milk of humanity to know how to choose the shortcut. You are ambitious, you, want be big;but they lack the malice, what would you like to have the blaze to clean hands:win wrongly, Yup, but without cheating. Oh grande Glamis, you want someone who will cry out: "Failure, if you want it!ʱ??, because your nature act above your desire Action. Run here soon, I blow my courage in your ear: about force my tongue destroy all obstacles between you and arcing golden circle with which destination and magic seem to have you already crowned.
Lady MacbethPhrases over evil.
I'm not afraid of badness the wicked, but the silence of the honest.
Martin Luther King – Phrases over evil.
With you I am sent in everything most forbidden, meaner and more distant: if there is something in me that can be said virtue, is that I've never been afraid of any prohibition ... Nothing is true, anything goes.
NietzschePhrases over evil.
There are daggers in men's smiles.
MacbethPhrases over evil.
Fine e male, sin and innocence, crossing world holding hands. Close your eyes in front of half of life per live in peace it is like to go blind walk with greater security in a land dotted with ravines and precipices.
Oscar WildeAphorisms over evil.
The evil to be fought is not that sad abstraction that is called the Devil; evil is all that prevents millions of men to humanize. Also we are directly responsible…
Ignazio Silone – Aphorisms over evil.
"Over here the success is the only yardstick of what is good O bad".
Adolf Hitler (Citation) – Phrases over evil.
Some things are shocking and unacceptable to common consciousness. The common conscience is unadaptable atrocities. And there must be some reason. Perhaps because it, actually, wants. The first common consciousness has not accepted the Nazi atrocities, and then he preferred to forget them. […] Some things atrocious concocted or otherwise wanted by Power (the real one is not even notionally democratic) They are commonplace in history: I say commonplace: yet the common consciousness seem always exceptional and incredible.
Pier Paolo PasoliniPhrases over evil.
Who does not punish evil commands that we do.
Leonardo da VinciPhrases over evil.
I find then in me this law: when I want to do fine, evil lies close at hand. For I delight in my heart to God's law, but I see another law in my members, that moves war the law of my mind and bringing me into captivity to the law of sin which is in my members. I am an unfortunate! Who will rescue me from this body of death?
Paul of Tarsus – Phrases bad.
The words false are not only evil in themselves, but they infect the soul with evil.
PlatoAphorisms over evil.
Right to damages
Who forgives evil.
Vincenzo Monti – Phrases bad.
In each of us there is an instinct of evil.
Carlo Maria Franzero – Phrases bad.
First, it is easier to reject the evil that govern, not accept that moderate it once welcomed, Why, since he took office in a master mind, It becomes stronger than those who should govern and not let it shrink truncate.
Lucio Anneo SenecaAphorisms over evil.
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