"Act as if the future of world depended on you, and laugh at yourself why you believe what you do
You can change things. "
Buddhist proverb on world .
"Some men are not looking for anything logical like money, you can not buy nor dominate, there are reasons or there is. Some men just want to see burn worldʱ??.
the dark Knight .
L’uomo It is doomed to be free: He condemned because it was created by himself, and yet free, Why, once thrown into the world, is responsible for everything he does.
Sartre – Aphorisms world

The world is a wonderful book, but does little to those who do not know how to read inside.
C. Goldoni .
Because a thought change the world, that must change before the life of the one who expresses it. That changes in such.
Albert Camus – Phrases world .
"In The Meantime, about this little matter, I observed that the mutual misunderstanding and the’ indolence are perhaps more male in the world of wickedness and badness. At least the latter two are certainly more rare. "
The Sorrows of Young Werther – Goethe .
I will always cherish the little that I own, because they are too small to embrace the world.
K. GibranAphorisms world .
The world is divided into good is bad. I good sleep better but bad waking have more fun.
Woody Allen – Phrases world .
Although the Philosophy He has not saved the world, It is a good start to improve themselves; and improve yourself is a good start for a better world ...
Aphorisms and thoughts of Nabla .
To the wise the whole earth is open , home because of a’ soul bella It is the whole world .
Democritus – Aphorisms world .
L’uomo reasonable fits to the world, the unreasonable insists groped to adapt the world to himself. Then, all progress depends on the’uomo unreasonable. (G. B. Shaw) .
There is no surer way to escape from the world, that art; but there is no more reliable link with it that art.
Johann Wolfgang Goethe .
The world was made for’ uomo, and not the’ uomo for the world.
(F.Bacone) – Phrases world .
In the fight between you and see the world to follow the world.
Franz Kafka .
Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks to change as a.
Lev Tolstoj .
Se ad un It Gave you have this world, I wont be going to be that It Gave: the misery that prevails there I strazierebbe heart.
Schopenhauer – Phrases world .
The fundamental problem is that man needs certainty. And then the mathematician sees a mathematical world, the poet a world poetante, the religious world a believer: our tendency is to try to make others like us, or better, similar to the way we see the world. Does not have fixed points is disastrous for our inherent insecure than the life, as being thrown into the world unknowingly and unintentionally, like a drowning man hovering over a boat in un mare in tempesta, that clings to the first foothold that is, do not miss the 'balance.
Aphorisms and thoughts of Nabla .
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