Walking is, at each step, a meeting ourselves.
R. Tagore

Walking is perhaps, mythologically, the most common gesture, and then the more human.
Roland Barthes – Aphorisms on walking.
The journey on foot, in solitaria, put the’uomo in front of himself, frees him from the constraint of the body, usual environment that holds him in a vision world granted, reasonable and conditions…
The walk alone makes me naked and leads me to ask myself questions about my life and my projects. And then all these meetings fascinate me. Hunger knowledge It pushes me almost as much as the pleasure of walking.
Bernard Ollivier – Phrases on walking.
You will find more in woods than in books. The trees and the rocks will teach you things that no maestro He will tell you.
Bernardo di Clairvaux – Aphorisms on walking.
Walking is learned life
walking you know the people
walking you heal the wounds of the day before.
Walk, watching a star
listening to a voice, following in the footsteps of other steps.
Walking looking for life,
healing the wounds left by the pain.
Nothing can erase the memory
of path percorso.
Ruben Blades – Aphorisms on walking.
I monti sono masters muti e fanno discepoli silenziosi.
GoethePhrases on walking.
I never thought, I lived, I was alive to myself, if I may say so, come in quei travel che ho fatto a piedi e da solo.
Jean Jaques RousseauThoughts on walking.
Act, I think, dream, path, So alive. If walking encourages imagination, think walking is more uncertain. The flight of an eagle, the stroke of a cloud, the escape of a hare, a crossroads moved, the scent of a flower stun unknown, the call of a pastor or the’infinity rippling dunes: all you have to, He feels, listening, hampers the continuity of the reflection and favors the dream.
Bernard Ollivier – Phrases on walking.
Walking is school life: while hiking, as in the life, There are many ascents, few plains and descents, apparently easy, often they appear much harder than the dreaded climb.
Giovanni Cecconi – Phrases on walking.
We're all so travelers. Our lust for vagrancy and life a roving is largely love, eroticism. The romance of journey half is nothing but waiting adventure. But for the other half it is unconscious impulse to transform and dissolve the erotic element. We travelers are used to cultivate wishes loving because of their inappagabilità, e quell’love that belong to the woman we dispel profondendolo the village and the mountain, to the lake and the chasm, to children on the path, the ox on the lawn, bird and butterfly. We free the 'love object, l’love alone there is sufficient, as well as in our wandering we do not seek the goal, but only the enjoyment of wandering for himself, l’be in path
Hermann HesseAphorisms on walking.
I will go so that I will then feet male I will walk …..
Sugar – Phrases on walking.
Wayfarer, the path is nothing but the footsteps of your steps. Wayfarer, there is no path, the path opens walking.
Antonio Machado – Thoughts on walking.
You think you get rid reaching the mountains. But you run your desire Freedom Eun’illusion. Resta qui per distruggere le illusions of yours spirit.
Milarepa – Aphorisms Buddhists – Phrases on walking.
Halfway through the journey of our life
Dante – Phrases on walking.
Perhaps the perception of world It does not depend from the places, but dall'andatura. Vai is slow, wherever it is in the temperate zone of the globe, your nights will populate crickets, stiletto, wood smoke, aromatic herbs, stars. In winter you fall asleep surrounded by moonlight cold, smell of felted wool and manure, tea and hot dreams hot, those where people have smell and taste. In una word, about life.
Paolo Rumiz – Aphorisms on walking.
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