La felicità

There is a bee alights on a button rose:
It sucks and goes…
all in all, about happiness It is a small thing.

The life It is made of small happiness insignificant, like tiny flowers. It is not all about great things, come lo studio, l’love, marriages, funerals. Every day little things happen, so many that I could not keep them in mind né to tell, and among them are hidden grains of a happiness barely perceptible, that’soul She breathes and by which he lives.
Banana Yoshimoto – Phrases on happiness
The fool seeks happiness far, the wise makes it grow at his feet.
J. Openheim – Aphorisms happiness
But what makes you happy, but not to love your happiness.
Gustave Thibon – Phrases happiness
Love what you have, Read rejoice, enjoy the privileges of your country, not envy those who seem happier than we are, apply to perfect ourselves and to derive the greatest benefit from our behavior, is all what I call happiness.
Émilie du Châtelet – Phrases happiness
Some bring happiness wherever they go; others when they leave.
Attributed to Oscar WildePhrases happiness
Happiness is always unstable and uncertain.
SenecaAphorisms happiness
Happiness is something that multiplies when you share it.
Paulo CoelhoPhrases happiness
Happiness lies in the realization of spirit through the body.
Cyril Connolly – Phrases happiness
It is not easy to find happiness within us and it is impossible to find anywhere else
Agnes Repplier – Aphorisms happiness
Acres of our life we notice only when they have now given way to unhappy days.
Arthur Schopenhauer – Phrases happiness
Happiness is not having what you want, but want what you have.
Oscar WildePhrases happiness
The time has come to do away with the age-old fable that happiness, bliss and serenity are the desirable goals life. For too long we have been led to believe, and we naively we believed, that the search happiness ultimately lead to happiness.
Paul WatzlawickAphorisms happiness
When you take very seriously world, you can not know what happiness. Happiness happens only when you put down roots in a vision of world according to which everything is nothing but a game.
Osho – Phrases happiness
It is not given life happy without the wise, bella and right, nor life wise, bella and right without happiness, because the virtue They are inherent to happiness and this inseparable.
EpicurusAphorisms happiness
Who is happy will make others happy too, who has courage confidence and it will never be overwhelmed by misfortune.
Anna Frank – Aphorisms of happiness
happiness, as the inner purity, priceless, but a single home: your heart.
Sergio Bambarén – Phrases happiness.
Happiness is a fine close, to everyone: just stop and pick it up.
Seneca – Aphorisms of happiness
The happiness is to purchase and enjoy but not want anything, it consists in’be free.
Epitteto – Phrases about happiness
Freely exercise their ingenuity, here is the real happiness.
Aristotle – Aphorisms of happiness
Enjoying happiness doubly grueling.
Baltasar Gracian y Morales – Phrases about happiness
Always search DOV’E’??
UHO where? Fin is!!
Where?…uh! Where…
This happiness!
Where?…uh! Dov'è… Fin is!!
Vasco Rossi – Happiness .
Sure, You must not believe in happiness; but how would men live se non formassero qualche sogno di felicità?
Arturo Graf – Aphorisms of happiness.
Happiness does not come from having a large number of things, but it stems from the pride of job what's now; poverty can be won with a constructive and critical combat’injustice even at the cost of his own life.
Gandhi – Phrases about happiness.
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