Mankind must put an end to war, or the war put an end to mankind.
Phrases on War – Kennedy .
When breaks out war, people say: “It will not last, What is too stupid”. And there is no doubt that a war It is really too stupid, but this does not prevent it to last.
Phrases on War – Albert Camus .
Nothing good in war, except its end.
Abraham Lincoln.
Solo i dead They have seen the end of war.
Plato .
I like Italians, They go to war like I play football and go to a football match like the war.
Winston Churchill .
"The saying that is sweet and honorable to die for one's country can be It considered only as propaganda for certain purposes […] only fools can be so vain by want about death, especially as such statements speak when one considers still a far cry from the last hour. But when gossip death approaches, here is that if the melt with the shield on his shoulder as he did in the battle of Philippi the inventor of this maximum, fat jester emperor.[5] "
Bertolt Brecht .
When those above speaks of peace, ordinary people know that there will be war. When those above curses war, draft cards have already been compiled.
Bertolt Brecht .
The war is based on deception.
Sun Tzu, L’Art of War.
an eye for an eye… and we will all become blind.
Phrases on War – Mahatma Gandhi.
Discover the system to achieve the abolition of war is a need life of our civilization; but no system has no chance of success, as long as the men are so unhappy to consider the mutual extermination less hideous resignation of continuous daylight.
Aphorisms on War – Bertrand Russell.
As long as war is regarded as a bad thing, retain its charm; when it is considered vulgar, will cease to be popular.
Phrases on War – Oscal Wilde.
Of all the religions dell’uomo, war is the most tenacious; but also can dissolve.
Aphorisms on War – Elias Canetti .
There is no victory is worth the blood that has cost.
Dwight David Eisenhower.
I am not a pacifist. I am against war.
Phrases on War – Gino Strada.
The war does not make the boys men but makes men of dead.
Ken Gillespie.
The war not so in pagano time war, the bill comes later.
Benjamin Franklin.
Italians lose football matches as if they were wars and lose wars as if they were football matches.
Phrases on War – Gino Strada.
In time peace the sons bury their fathers, but in time of war they are the fathers bury their children.
Aphorisms on War – Croesus.
Never think that war, although justified, It is not a crime.
Aphorisms on War – Ernest Hemingway.
In time War of the law is silent.
Phrases on War – Quintus Tullius Cicerone.
I have no idea what weapons will be used to fight World War III, but the fourth will be fought with sticks and stones.
Phrases on War – Albert Einstein.
To avoid wars should be peaceful than pacifists.
Phrases on War – Nabladue.
As long as war is regarded as a bad thing, retain its charm; when it is considered vulgar, will cease to be popular.
Phrases on War – Oscal Wilde.
Till’uomo Resta an animal, He lives for combat, at the expense of the other, fear and hate the next. – The life, then, is war.
Aphorisms on War – Hermann Hesse – war and peace.
L’Art of War It is to defeat the enemy without having to deal.
Sun Tzu, L’Art of War.
Most conflicts seem inevitable at the moment but trivial in hindsight.
Talks War – Edward Morgan Forsterem.
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