Not l’love, not money, not the faith, not the fame, not the justice… Just give me the Truth.
Henry David Thoreau

Who does not know the truth It is a fool, who, knowing, calls lie, It is a criminal.
Bertolt BrechtPhrases on truth.
It is hard to say truth, because it exists only one yes, but is alive and therefore has a living face and changeable.
Franz KafkaThoughts on truth.
We know the truth not only with reason but also with the heart.
Blaise PascalAphorisms the truth.
You'll never find the truth if you are not willing to accept even what you do not expect.
HeraclitusPhrases the truth.
L’friendship and the truth is sacred. But what is most holy to honor the truth.
SocratesThoughts the truth.
In the country of the lie, the truth is a disease.
Gianni Rodari – Aphorisms the truth.
The policy does not tell me anything. I do not like people who are insensitive to the truth.
Boris Pasternak – Phrases the truth.
The truth is not the language of courtier: that does not sound on the lip of those who neither hopes, nor fears the power.
Giuseppe Mazzini – Thoughts the truth.
Anyone who sincerely wants the truth is always frighteningly strong.
Fedora DostoevskyPhrases the truth.
When you say the truth must not complain of having said. The truth is always enlightening. It helps us to be courageous.
Aldo Moro – Phrases the truth.
But the truth but pardon error.
Voltaire – Aphorisms the truth.
in truth anything we know, because the truth is in the abyss.
Democritus – Thoughts the truth.
The truth is path and nothing can stop.
Emile Zola – Sentences on the truth.
It is hard know What is the truth, but sometimes it is very easy to recognize a falsehood.
Albert EinsteinThoughts the truth.
The false is susceptible of an infinite number of combinations, but the truth has only one way of being.
RousseauAphorisms the truth.
Perhaps you will laugh at me because I'm drunk? Yet I, even if you laugh, so fine di dire la verità…
Plato – Sentences on the truth.
Art is magic delivered from the lie of being truth.
Adorno – Thoughts on the truth.
But the truth, show yourself as you, and without pretense, without fear and without respect. And if the truth costs you persecution, and you accept it; and if the torment, and bear it. And if for the truth you have to sacrifice yourself and your life, and be strong in your sacrifice.
Giuseppe Moscati – Sentences on the truth.
Nothing It is the most complicated of sincerity.
Luigi Pirandello – Thoughts on the truth.
The intuition of a woman is much closer to the truth of the certainty of a uomo.
Rudyard Kipling – Sentences on the truth.
Plato it's mine friend, but the truth is more my friend.
AristotleAphorisms the truth.
It must be confessed that the man will not know the truth with perfect certainty, despite the help of his name.
Pierre-Daniel Huet – Sentences on the truth.
The truth is much more difficult to hear as long as the will is silenced.
Anna Frank – Thoughts on the truth.
am only a humble Seeker of Truth, determined to find it. I do not consider no sacrifice too great for see Dio faccia a faccia.
Gandhi – Aphorisms about truth.
Mathematics possesses not only truth, but also the beauty supreme, a beauty cold and austere, such as that of the sculpture.
Bertrand Russell – Sentences on the truth.
What then is the truth? A cabinet exercise of metaphors, metonymy, antropomorfismi, in short, a sum of human relations which have been poetically and rhetorically enhanced, which have been transposed, and embellished, and which after long use seem to a people strong, canonical and binding: truths are illusions that it forgets the illusory nature, are metaphors which are worn and have lost all force sensible, are coins whose image has been used up and are considered only as metal, no longer as coins.
Friedrich Nietzsche – Thoughts on the truth.
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