The life is a tale told by a fool, full of sound and fury but no meaning some.
William Shakespeare .
The life It is what happens to you when you're intent on making other plans.
John Lennon .
The purpose of the life and the life itself.
Johann Wolfgang Goethe .
The life good is inspired by 'love and guided by knowledge. Bertrand Russell .
Nothing much escapes control dell’uomo engaged as the live; indeed there is no reality that is more difficult to know.
Seneca .
The time at your disposal is limited, why not lose the living life someone else.
Steve Jobs .
Life. Corruption which is adorned with illusions.
Giuseppe Ungaretti .
I was wrong more than 9.000 shots in my career. I lost almost 300 matches. E in 26 occasions my teammates I have given the game-winning shot, but I could not make it happen. I have failed many times in my life. It is for this reason that I did it. Michael Jordan .
The life It is made of small happiness insignificant, like tiny flowers. It is not all about great things, come lo studio, l’love, marriages, funerals. Every day little things happen, so many that I could not keep them in mind né to tell, and among them are hidden grains of a happiness barely perceptible, that’soul She breathes and by which he lives.
Banana Yoshimoto .
Love life? Then do not squander the time, because it is the stuff of which life is made.
Benjamin Franklin .
Do our best means that in every moment of our lives every day we should investigate in our minds about our mistakes ,even those that others do not know. If we do it,we are really doing our best.
Buddha .
Not the years that count in life, it is life that you put in those years. Abraham Lincoln .
Life is not measured by the number of breaths you do, but by the moments that I will take away your breath.
Anonymous .
"How in the day that gave you the world, the know
He was there to greet the planets, you
you grew up without interruption according to the law with which you began. This is your
destination; you do not
you can escape yourself; so parlav
anus already Sibille, so the Prophets;
ne time, nor any power breaks the impression that develops later in life. "
The most unjust of life is how it ends.
I want to say: life is hard and employs the majority of our time… What do you get at the end? The death. what does it mean! What is death? A kind of bonus for living?

I believe that the life cycle should be completely overturned.
We should start dying, so we thought lever.
Then, in a home from which you are thrown out because they were too young.
They give you a bonus and then start working for forty years, until you're young enough to enjoy your retirement. Follow festivals, alcohol, grass and high school.
Finally they start primary school, become child, games and you have no responsibilities, become a newborn, return in your mother's womb, throw your last nine months floating and finish it all with a bell'orgasmo!
Woody Allen

Life is like your first game of chess. When you begin to understand how you've already lost.
Carlos Ruiz Zafon .
The fear’love It is to fear life, and those who fear life are already dead for three quarters. .
In life be young learn from the old. Chinese proverb. .
The secret of the physical and mental health is not to complain about the past, nor worry about the future, but in the live the moment this with wisdom and seriousness. Life can only take place when this. If we lose it, we lose life. L’love in the past only memory. That future is fantasy. Only here and now we can really love. When you take care of this moment, You take care of everything time.
Buddha .
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