Sport has the power to change the world. Has the power to inspire. It has the power to unite people in a way that few other things do. He speaks to young people in a language they understand. Sport can bring hope where once there was only despair.
Nelson Mandela

I'm ready to challenge the limits. The history li puts, men need to overcome to generate other obstacles that will cut down on time. IS’ the sport, come la life.
Valentina Vezzali – Phrases on sport.
Therefore, fans of a sport argue that the sport is inherently better than another. Per me, all sports are occasions when other human beings push us to excel.
Keating – Thoughts on sport.
You can drugging of good things and one of them is certainly the sport.
Alex Zanardi – Phrases on sport.
To the job It contrasts with another kind of effort that is born of an imposition, but by a truly free and generous impulse of vital power: the sport […] It is an effort luxurious, which gives hands full without hope reward, as the overflow of an inner energy. So the quality of the physical effort is always egregious, exquisite.
José Ortega y Gasset – Phrases on sport.
For each individual, sport is a possible source of inner improvement.
Pierre de Coubertin – Aphorisms on sport.
Practicing a sport should not be based on the idea of ​​success, but on the idea of ​​giving the best of themselves.
Gabriella Dorio – Phrases on sport.
In sport, the game must be a constant. When this component fails it's time to quit.
Josefa Idem – Thoughts on sport.
The effort is never wasted: but suffer dreams.
Pietro Mennea – Aphorisms on sport.
Sport should teach to do my best, a dire: more than that I could not do.
Gabriella Dorio – Phrases on sport.
[What sport] It is a mirror formidable. But only if you dress up. And you show your vulnerability.
Andre Agassi – Thoughts on sport.
The spirit Olympic exists and will always exist, because the feeling sporty can not be reduced to a race for victory, without loyalty and respect for opponents.
Gabriella Dorio – Aphorisms on sport.
I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can not accept not groped.
Michael Jordan – Phrases on sport.
Are you an athlete, not a seducer. You must not stand there and admired, but to compete. You must be hungry for success, of results, glory. Sport is not a fashion show, It is to really try with all of yourself.
Sergey Bubka – Thoughts on sport.
I dedicate this book to the Boxers arrived and those missed. All athletes in the sport believe they have found the way out. To men in life seek themselves, for the whole life. To those who believe they have found the way, but for the unexpected usually lose. In fondo, I dedicate it to the dispossessed like me, that while emerging are back to basics. All that is created with effort in a life, It can destroy in ten seconds.
Tiberio Mitri – Phrases on sport.
The sport needs design, innovation, ongoing commitment.
Pietro Mennea – Aphorisms on sport.
Lo sport deve be heritage of all men and of all social classes.
Pierre de Coubertin – Thoughts on sport.
The sport gives the life more balance psychophysical and enriches it with serenity and courage.
Gabriella Dorio – Thoughts on sport.
Sport is a microcosm of the life of sacrifice, application in the job, respect for rules, successes and disappointments. But it is above all a healthy way of understanding life, whatever the results that everyone can get.
Cesare Prandelli – Aphorisms on sport.
In the Olympic Oath, I ask only one thing: fair play.
Pierre de Coubertin – Phrases on sport.
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