The life It is in the death,
about death It is in the life;
You have be which, and now!
Morihei Ueshiba

Two things belle has the world: love and death.
Giacomo LeopardiPhrases over death.
There are people who have lived with rhythm, who completed the cycle of existence passing dall'infuriare of youth to the solid achievements of maturity and the quiet and peaceful to the decline death. People of this kind does not fear death or struggle to escape it because the life It has always been complete, built like a work of art. They never feared nor denied life. They do not accept the death of weariness or despair but accept it because they have completed the cycle with accomplished satisfaction. How many are left today?
Louis Bromfield – Aphorisms over death .
It always ends well. With morte. Before, but, there was the life, hidden under the bla bla bla bla bla. It's all settled under the chatter and noise. The silence and the feeling. The excitement and fear. The sparse flashes of inconsistent beauty. And then the squalor and the unfortunate 'uomo wretched. All buried covered by the embarrassment of being in world. Browse. Browse. Browse. Browse. Elsewhere, there is elsewhere. I do not take care of elsewhere. Therefore, that this novel begins. In fondo, it's just a trick. Yup, it's just a trick. Jep Gambardella - the great beauty .
Shake off this soft sleep, counterfeiting of death,and see death itself! His, their, and look at the big picture of the sad fate.
Macbethphrases over death.
At the end of all things should not maybe be swallowed by death?
Platothoughts over death .
Nothing is certain except death.
SenecaPhrases over death .
Sostienmi, O mine courage.
Here is the ugly
Face of Death! Arricciasi each hair,
And the soul rushes to my heart quivering.
Vincenzo Monti – poems about death.
The life of dead è riposta nel ricordo dei vivi.
CiceroneAphorisms death .
Due dead hanno plasmato in gran parte la sensibilità occidentale. Two death penalty cases, of judicial murder determine our reflections Religious, philosophical and political. Sono due dead a governare la percezione metafisica e politica che abbiamo noi stessi: the one of Socrates and that of Christ. Siamo tuttora figli di quelle dead.
George Steiner – Death phrases.
We are born different, we die equal.
Senecathoughts over death .
Death is the one or the other of two things. O è un annullamento e i dead non hanno coscienza di anything; O, as we are told, is really a change, migration of 'soul from one place to another.
SocratesAphorisms over death.
Death is the only thing that can scare. La detesto perché oggi si può sopravvivere a tutto tranne che a lei. Death and vulgarity are the only two things that the nineteenth century could not explain.
Oscar Wildephrases over death.
Death does not wait for you to be ready. Death is no respecter, it's not fair! And to avoid any misunderstanding here you will see death in the face!
Ducard – Batman Begins – Phrases over death .
Even if they have no voice, the living dead. There is the death of an individual. Death is a universal thing. Even after death we must always stay awake, we must daily take our decisions.
Shohei Ookala – Aphorisms phrases.
"The saying that is sweet and honorable to die for one's country can be It considered only as propaganda for certain purposes […] only fools can be so vain by want the death, especially as such statements speak when one considers still a far cry from the last hour. But when gossip death approaches, here is that if the melt with the shield on his shoulder as he did in the battle of Philippi the inventor of this maximum, fat jester Emperor. "
Bertolt BrechtPhrases over death .
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