Of all the things that wisdom attorney in view of life happy, the fine the bigger the purchase of’friendship.

Non walk Follow me, I could not take you. Not camminarmi front, I could not follow you. Cammina soltanto accanto a me e sii mio friend.
Albert Camus – Phrases friendship.
The secret of true friendship è cercare insieme l’evoluzione dell’anima.
Friendship must not have as its goal the achievement of a result or a state material.
Friendship is awareness, deepening, dell’equality and the fusion of souls,
with the exclusion of any purpose material.
Paramhansa Yoganandaaphorisms friendship .
Friend my, next to you I have not anything to apologize, anything from which to defend myself, anything to prove: I find peace ... Beyond 'of my words you clumsy Riesco see in me just the 'uomo.
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry .
From uomo and woman can not be friendship. You can be passion, hostility, worship, love, but not friendship.
Oscar Wildephrases about friendship .
Le colpe di un friend scrivile nella sabbia.
Pythagoras – Thoughts about friendship .
«Quando l’friend vi confida il suo pensiero, do not be afraid to say no, or hold your yes. "
Khalil Gibran
Thoughts about friendship.
"very often, the friends, with the adulation of our quality
There pervert, while enemies, criticizing our faults,
get the result of rettificarci. "
Aphorisms about friendship.
Friendship is faithful in all, except in services and in the affairs of’love.
Shakespeareaphorisms friendship.
L’antidoto per cinquanta nemici è un friend.
AristotlePhrases friendship .
The splendor of friendship is not the outstretched hand, nor the kindly smile nor the joy of companionship: it is the spiritual inspiration when we discover that someone believes in us and is willing to trust us. "
R.W. Emerson – aphorisms friendship .
He would take a friend
first, to forget
He would take a friend
to forget male
He would take a friend
here forever by my side
He would take a friend
in sorrow and regret
Antonello Venditti – Phrases about friendship.
There is a saying: "They wishes probe the heart of a friend, sick '. Who acts as a friend when everything goes fine, but then turns his back like a stranger in case of illness or misfortune is only a coward. Per tutto il tempo della sua life the samurai You must never afford to get away from those to whom it is spiritually debtor. Here is a means of measuring the real feelings of a uomo. Very often we reach out to call for help and forget them when the crisis is over.
Yamamoto Tsunetomo .
Who is friend to all is a friend to none.
Arthur Schopenhauer on’friendship
Thoughts about friendship.
No one has a love greater than this: give life per i propri friends.
Jesusphrases about friendship .
A friend is the most precious thing you can have, and the best thing you can be.
Douglas Pagels – phrases about friendship .
Friendship is always a choice.
You should not have to work on friendship.
If you have to work, then it is not really friendship
only someone who frequent occasionally.
The friends semplicemente ti accettano.
Larry Winget – thoughts friendship .
Reprendi your friend in secret and praise him showed itself in
Leonardo .
The true friendships are those that are based on the feeling; the friend does not judge, It includes.
Aldo Fegatelli Phrases about friendship.
I veri friends amano condividere i momenti preziosi che la life reserve them, as the little things of life that is worth live everyday.
Sergio Bambarén – aphorisms friendship .
The similar is similar to friend: that, namely, the only good He is the only friend good, while the bad non contrae mai una vera amicizia né col good nor with bad. Plato Phrases about friendship.
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