Without love humanity would not survive a single day.
Erich Fromm

I always knew that the real love is above all and that it would be better to die, rather than cease to love. But I thought that only they had the other courage. In quel momento, instead, I discovered myself to be able. Even if it had to mean starting, loneliness, sadness, l’love however it was worth every penny of its price.
Rabbit phrases d’love.
I have no need of estimate, nor glory, or other similar things; but I need love.
LeopardiAphorisms love.
Love is a beautiful flower, but we must have the courage to catch him on the brink of a precipice.
Stendhal – Phrases love.
love me or hate me, both are in my favor. Se mi friend, I will always be in your heart. Se mi odi, I will always be in your mind.
William ShakespeareThoughts love.
Where love reigns, there is not desire of power, and where the power predominates, love is missing. The one is the’shadow other.
JungThoughts love.
Paradoxically, the ability to be alone is the first condition for the ability to love.
Erich FrommAphorisms love.
Love without a tender essence? But it's one villain screanzato, resounding, puntuto come un plum.
Shakespeare Phrases love.
Says Ecatone: "I will reveal a loving filter, without ointments, without herbs, no magic formulas: if you want be amato, but".
Lucio Anneo SenecaAphorisms love .
Enjoy what you are because you are love, love that look in everything and everywhere. Accept who you are because you are what you are looking for be, what you want be, tu sei the life creating your life. Accept yourself, love your love, because you are what you both need be. Smile love you because you are the love that emanates circles everywhere, peace of your senses.
Rabbitaphorisms on’ love.
From where we were born? Love.
As we would be lost? without love.
What helps us to surpass? Love.
You can also find love? with love.
What shortens the crying? Love.
What should unite us always? Love.
Johann Wolfgang GoetheThoughts love.
And tell me how, Why, you came in here? With light wings of love I have overcome these walls, since there are stony limits can prevent up to love: And what love can do, dares love attempt.
ShakespearePhrases love.
If you can be near me, and we be different, if the sun illuminates both without our shadows overlap, if we can be "us" in the middle world and together with the world, cry, laugh, live. If every day will find out who we are and not the memory of how we were, if we give one another without know who will be the first and who the last if your body sing with my joy is because together ... Then you will love and will not be in vain to expect much.
Phrases d’amore Pablo Neruda.
Love does not want to have, He wants only to love.
Hermann HessePhrases love.
Love love logic
desperate love
you see I'm crying
but I have forgiven you
IS “If no beloved love ca”
love my love forgives
in this cold night
I just need a word
Antonello sold – love songs.
When love beckons to you follow him. Although its streets are steep and arduous.
Kahlil GibranPhrases love.
In India it is said that now more bella is the dawn, when the night still lingers in the air and the day is not yet full, when the distinction between darkness and light is still not clear and for some time the’uomo, if he wants, if you know to be careful, You can guess that everything in life It appears to him at odds, the dark and light, the fake and the real are but two aspects of the same thing. They are different, but not easily separable, They are distinct, but are not two. As a uomo and a woman, that they are so wonderfully different, but that love become One.
Tiziano Terzani .
Love is a power of active’uomo; a power Cancelling walls that separate it from his peers, that allows him to overcome the sense of isolation and separation, and yet it allows him to be himself and to maintain their integrity.
Erich Fromm – Aphorisms love.
Love, that exempts no one beloved from loving
Dante Alighieri – Phrases love.
"Being wise and love exceeds the capacity of’uomo."
Shakespeare aphorisms love.
The desire brutal physical is easy. but the desire accompagnato dalla tenerezza richiede tempo. Before finding the flame of the desire We have to cross the entire landscape of love.
Albert Camus – thoughts love.
That love is everything, It is all we know of Love.
Erich Frommthoughts love.
When ami, discover yourself in such a
wealth, so sweetly, affection,
you would not believe even know how much love.
A. Chekhov – Phrases love.
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