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Not love you like I'm pink salt, topaz or arrow of carnations that propagate fire: We love how they love certain things obscure, secretly, between’shadow e l’soul. We love you as the plant that never blooms but carries within itself, hidden, the light of those flowers; thanks to your love He lives darkly in my body the solid fragrance, risen from the earth. We love you without know come, or when, or where, We love you straightforwardly, without complexities or pride: so I love you because I love you so otherwise, in this way they are not and you are not, so close that your hand on my chest is my, so close that your eyes close with my sleep.
Pablo Neruda

Die for your eyes only, your breath that smells d’love and a caress that warms my heart.
Phrases Neruda.
If every day, hourly, you feel you are destined for me,
with implacable sweetness…
if every day climbs up to your lips
a flower looking for me, there my love,
oh my, in me all that fire is repeated,
in me anything It is extinguished or forgotten,
mine Love feeds on your Love office…
and as long as you live, will be in your arms
without leaving mine!
Aphorisms Neruda.
I no longer love is true,
but maybe I love her.
It is so short’love
and forgetting is so long
Thoughts Neruda.
For my heart just your chest, enough for your freedom my wings.
From my mouth will come up to the sky,
what was asleep on your soul.
Aphorisms di Pablo Neruda.
At night dream that you and I are two plants which are grown together with roots intertwined… and that you are familiar with the ground and the rain as my mouth, because of land and rain are made.
Aphorisms Neruda.
In a kiss, you'll know everything that was kept quiet.
Phrases Neruda.
It does not look at any more since I love you.
Phrases Neruda.
Only those but without hope He knows the true love.
Phrases Neruda.
I'll send you a kiss with the wind and I know you hear, you turn around without seeing me, but I'll be there. We are such matter they are made of the dreams. I Would Like be a white cloud in the sky infinity to follow you everywhere and loving every moment. It sei un dream I would not wake up live in your breath. While I watch you die for you Your dream It will be of dream me. I love you because you see reflected in everything there is to beautiful. Tell me where are you tonight still in my dreams? I felt a pat on the face to get to the heart. I would get up at the sky and the sun's rays to write you I love you I wish the wind blowing through your hair every day, in order to hear from far away your perfume! I would like to do with you what spring does with the cherry trees.
Aphorisms on’love Neruda.
L’love, when it life We urge us, it's just a bigger wave among the waves.
Thoughts on’love Neruda.
Why all the’love I get hit when I feel sad, and I feel far.
Thoughts Neruda.
as the cool stone
source, water
It opens a wide flash of foam,
so is the smile of your face,
Phrases love Neruda.
Let me be silent with silence your.
Let me tell you even with your silence.
Phrases Neruda.
Love, when they say what have forgotten, and although I'll say, when I will tell you, non credermi.
Phrases Neruda.
Because thou hear my words sometimes thin as the tracks
gulls on the beaches.
Aphorisms di Pablo Neruda.
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