Concept or practice of 'love platonic, that is, a love ideal, sentimental, devoid of sexuality : a mixture of modesty, of transport, sighs, de 'rats inexpressible and finally a sweet languor mutual put the term to a virtuous love Platonic six months (C. Gozzi); l’love Plato then Petrarch seems to me a fairy tale, because more than a place of 'his verse shows quite obviously that his love It was like that of many other, sentimental yes, but not without its purpose carnal (Leopardi).
Love Platonic from the vocabulary Treccani .
The right way to proceed by itself or be conducted by another in things d 'love it's this one:He is taking its cue from the things belle down here, in order to reach the Splendid, rise more and more,as proceeding in steps, from a single body beautiful a due, and from two to all bodies clear, and from all the bodies clear all belle human activities, and from these to the belle knowledge, and knowledge proceed until it is reached to that knowledge that is knowledge of nothing but the Splendid same, so it is, coming to an end, know what is the beautiful in sé.
platonic love.
This It Gave It is a poet as skillful as to make all poets; and certainly becomes a poet, even if the first was artless, anyone who is touched by Love.
Thoughts love Plato.
Love is the medium that allows you to put wings and reach the happiness.
platonic love.
Love, among the gods’friend some men, the doctor, the one that leads to the ancient condition. Trying to one that is two, Love tries to treat the human nature.
Aphorisms love Plato.
Because, therefore, is son Poro and Penìa, Love is to share the fate following. First it is always poor and far from’be delicate and beautiful, as they believe the most, indeed it is hard and dirty and barefoot and homeless, He used to lie down on the ground and without blankets, sleeping outside on the doors and on the streets and, having the nature of his mother, It is always of home with the need. Father's side, instead, He is the traitor clear and good, brave, bold and tense, Hunter terrible, always plotting stratagems, avid intelligence and ingenious, addicted to philosophizing throughout the life, terrible sorcerer, fattucchiere and sophist. And nature is neither immortal nor mortal, but now it flourishes and lives in the same day, when it goes in port, Now he dies and then is born again virtue the nature of the father. In fact, the object of love is what is really beautiful, pretty, enviably perfect and blessed, while the lover has another side, such as that which I have taught.
platonic love.
Love is a middle ground between the beautiful and the ugly conceived by Poros, It Gave abundance and Penia, goddess of poverty.
Aphorisms love Plato.
The Dione, with your love have made crazy my heart
platonic love.
Love is beautiful in procreation according to the body and the second 'soul.
Phrases love Plato.
L’soul if it is lost for the strangeness of his condition and, not knowing what to do, mania and beside himself does not find sleep at night nor day of rest, but runs, longs where he hopes to gaze at the man who owns the beauty. And as soon as the concerned, invaded by the wave of desire amorous, the melt channels clogged: it takes breath, rests of the wounds and the sorrows, and again enjoys, for the moment at least, this most sweet pleasure. […] Why, in addition to worship the one who owns the beauty, found in him the only doctor of his painful worries. This suffering of’soul, My bell’friend I'm talking to, It is what men call love.
platonic love.
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