Canzoni d'amore

I have my pain, loves, special pleasures; and you have yours. But pain, joy, desire, hope, love, They belong to all of us, in each time and in all places. Music is the only means by which we feel these emotions in their universality.
Harry Allen Overstreet

Antonello Venditti

You are inside me like the tide that disappears and reappears bringing forth. Are you the profound mystery, passion, the idea are the immense fear that you're not my. Lo so lo sai il time flies, but how far to see you again for a look for my pride… what you want
Antonello Venditti – Songs’love.
Live with you has been playing the game was hard, however it's over but it will be the magic night or maybe the emotion I find myself alone in front of your door
Antonello Venditti – Songs’love.
What or non lo sai sai, that to me you're always gonna be the one, calls whenever you want, just a gesture perhaps a word, that there is no sex love, harsh law is in my heart, I am a’soul rebel
Antonello Venditti – Songs’love.
And if our then not love I swear I would not leave you even if you think you do not care nothing. Even if I was not an angel, I will not change it because you're bella bella bellabella as six six bella as I would like …
Antonello Venditti – Songs’love.
A thousand new loves I will try to not love you anymore but none to world You are you. And tonight the steps with him but everything speaks to us every sentence, every gesture you make has already been experienced by us
Antonello Venditti – Songs’love.
Some loves They do not end up doing the rounds immense and then return loves indivisible, indissoluble, inseparable. But friends never for those who look like us you can not
Antonello Venditti – Songs’love.
He returned the time to stand still together. The night will pass and not be afraid to stay here like every night waiting so I stay here, mythical love. Love, love, love, I thank you for this time and this mythical space dream dell’universe here I still lost
Antonello Venditti – love songs.
21 worlds between you and me, 21 children per hand if I had a river I would give this stone and would be wheat, in the name of love, oh love I will fight, Yup, for love
Antonello Venditti – love songs.


I do not know what love is but I know it exists, I have some experience. On The Contrary, maybe the end is the only thing I can affirm the existence . IS, tra tutte le definizioni date nella history, no more than the last verse of the Divine Comedy: "Love that moves the sun and other stars”.
Jovanotti – love songs.
I do not have days off
for real
days that I can stay even an hour without you
il mio amore è una history a time full
24 hours 7 days 12 monthly
I can stay in two minutes apnea
three seconds after I die if I can not breathe you
I can fast a day or even three
but I can not stay an hour without me to eat you
Jovanotti – love songs.
What happened I do not know
Cha me you did not know
I only know that if you're not there
I will die of love
Jovanotti – love songs.
To you who are the only to world
The only reason to go all the way
My every breath
when I look at you
After a full day of words
Without you to tell me nothing
Everything becomes clear
To you who are my great love
And my great love
To you that you took my life
And you have done more
To you that have given meaning to time
No measure
To you who are my great love
And my great love
Jovanotti – love songs.
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