that day, that space, quell’meeting avrebbero cambiato la sua life.

Lei era lì. Bella, different, to discover.
His, Marco, a shy boy, young, on 27 years, one that tries to look beyond.

Log in, He looks around. That period was convinced he had to change once and for all: He needed a person next, you can not be alone forever. Disappointments, his shyness, his way of be sensible, quel suo modo di be anticonformista nella società; il preferire la sostanza alla forma senza sdegnare il beautiful, his be solitario e tutti i suoi brutti difetti: in tutto questo l’universe femminile non ci sarebbe dovuto entrare. But not now; it was time to learn, to discover, di viverlo veramente quell’universe che lui amava tanto, maybe too much, a tal punto da spaventarlo, cripple.
He felt locked up in a circle, his stories always seemed to copy the previous ones, he wanted to change his Karma. His obvious insecurity condemned him to women elusive, stronze, that seemingly they made him feel important. Maybe for them it was just a game or a tactic. Women capable, intelligent, secure them, enterprising but selfish to the core and with a very bad character. Lui quel destination non lo voleva accettare. So for a long period stories fleeting, surface, people that he really was not interested and neither of them was interested in him.

That evening date with a girl, nurse, He is known to the clinic where he worked his sister. Giorgia, He had come there for him. Era carina, we had spoken, He could interest him.

"Hello Marco".
"Hello Giorgia".
watching, Marco awkwardly tries to say something:
"how are you? That…".
"I'm here with my friends ...".
"I love the place? there were ever?".
«No, nice ... ".
«il job…ho saputo…».
«tutto fine. Sorry I received a message ".
fuck, I do not know what the hell to say – Marco thinks
"So you were saying Marco".
«eh…vado un attimo a see my friends ci vediamo tra poco».
"OK see you later".

That sucks! Bo 'this time I do not do as usual, non la sento…Lei non era Giorgia – broods to himself.

That evening, however, had a different air, something special that he felt inside, but could not grasp.

He was not aware of what was going to happen. Turns. For a moment, everything stops, reality becomes an image: looks, He feels something, something which attracts. Un suo friend parlava con Lei.
A blond boy, high, blue eyes, statuesque, the beautiful della comitiva.
A Mark is not interested, the he looks, He comes up and says the first bullshit that goes on in his head:
"Hello, come state fine insieme…»
Lei: ride..
Friend: ehhhe..

Ten minutes later he was on a red couch, with your feet flat on the edge of a small coffee table, talking to this stranger who seemed so familiar ... Two glasses of red wine on the table almost empty, everything is so natural, beautiful, new, interesting, a dream! IS lei era così affascinante.

Dopo una anno pensa che è la donna della sua life: The but, is happy. Both become best, grow, you support, you admire, fight, criticize : complement. Due vite diverse, due teste diverse, un unico desire da condividere: to get together.
Make plans for the future, swear love everlasting. They share everything: friends, family, issues, jewels, difficulty, intimacy.
What happens next? After years something breaks, anything è come prima. L’ love it transforms, iniziano a farsi male. Then arise the’ I hate, about war, the resentments and finally indifference. She really was like the others, He had just hidden better. The Karma that Mark thought he had passed back, the circle was only extended, deception thinner, hidden, hidden, but in reality he was moving in that circle from which he wanted to run.

L’ love it's a bella illusion? There is this cyclical stories ? fisiologicamente ha un limite di time? In fondo, why people join? Cos’è che crea questa force irresistibile? There is the 'love everlasting ? There is the 'soul gemella o esistono tante anime affini? There l’true love ?

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