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Love, a feeling that has inspired the verses of the greatest poets, and not only of them. Even the most rough and cold of individuals can be transformed into a sweet poet under the influence of this spell. Leopardi It would be the poet we know without Silvia? Pushing over, we can ask: it would have been a poet if his love He had been satisfied? O l’amore che aveva dentro si è potuto esprimere solo tramite la poetry, not given the opportunity to life real?

The love poems They are often affected, belle ma tristi. The love songs of the greatest songwriters are melancholic and speak of love betrayed or finished. The poetry It was driven by the pain caused by love, or better, from desire its: love as desire something that we have not and would like to have at all costs.
Who among us has never been lover? Who has never thought of not being able to live without the beloved? Who has never felt full of life thinking the beloved and emptied without it? Who has not suffered bitterly for love? The Cupid's arrow It is so strong that no one is immune.
Looks that meet for a moment and remain linked by an invisible wire rope more durable than any ever made by 'uomo. Quiver for a simple word, tremble with joy, be full of life, contented and invincible: how many roses have love! Despite its beauty and purity, the thorns are always part of the stem that holds the bud of love.
Love is that feeling able to fill life of an individual, to make it able to perform actions that, without it, could never accomplish, but make him feel as fragile as a thin layer of glass, weaker than it had ever been to the extreme that his life lost to meaning without the beloved: this is the real essence of passionate love. It has a force irrepressible: It has not always been the strongest of temptations?
On the other side there universal love, spiritual, the love of neighbor. The love that gives without asking. What it is considered by many religions and philosophies as the culmination of the spiritual: It is the only port that allows direct access to world holiness. The force this love is supported by the drive for perfection, eternity, merging with what unites and transcends all: It Gave. Pushing over, you could say that love is It Gave same.
In this small way we will try to travel on the wings of love, accompanied by the usual giant that often guide us in this path, to understand a little 'better what is love and what are its manifestations.

Platonic Love

Let's start with the first form of love, one that is defined in the collective platonic love. In fact I would immediately point out that there is no l’ platonic love. There's Symposium Plato. In Symposium, indeed, we are talking about Him, Love.
We are around the year 416 a.C., The banquet was organized by Agathon to celebrate his victory in a competition between poets tracici, agoni of Lenee. Each guest – men of Athens in the relief time – He exposes his theory Eros (Love). Start talking Phaedrus. For him, Eros is one of the most ancient deities.

"First I was the father Chaos, and then from the large sense Gaia, of all things safe seat and Eros "(Hesiod) .

Longevity it gave It is a sign of its importance. Eros era this since the beginning of time. It is hard to think of a universe where the clothes'uomo, without first having been generated Love. The great Greek civilization has always been supported by this impressive pillar. Phaedrus adds that love inspires boldness. For lovers agree to die for the beloved, come Achilles He did for Patroclus.
After Phaedrus, it is the turn of Pausanias. The 'Love It is not only good and positive. We must distinguish two types of love: Eros Eros vulgar and heavenly (as well as for Aphrodite).
Eros celestial targets all 'soul and it makes the best person hit by the arrow of Cupid. It allows you to cultivate virtue. It is noble and has a purely masculine. But to honor him must love the person and character over beauty physics. Love tra gli uomini è beautiful solo se porta alla virtue, if it improves lover and beloved. This type of love also implies a strong friendship.
Eros vulgar, instead, not noble. It will appeal to the body. as we know, but, about beauty Physical flies away. IS love that is allowed in exchange for favors. The beloved be conquered by wealth and power Lover. This love has a feminine nature.
Pausanias ends by saying that it is bad to grant favors to a uomo vicious and intemperate and so wicked, invece è beautiful darsi ad un uomo good and temperate honorably.
In the wake of Pausanias, Erissimaco begins by saying that we must not indulge indecently. Love is attraction of opposites: the dissimilar and want but dissimilar things. Love is then precisely what brings harmony between opposites. For this reason,, the music is science of 'love, because it brings harmony in diversity. In fact, music is harmony between bass and treble, short and long, bass and treble. And euphony music comes from things that disagree, merging together become harmonious and balanced. So, in mind of Erissimaco, Also the medicine is love because it tries to make friends the body parts that are enemies.

"So, and in music and medicine, and in all things human and divine, As far as possible we must try to grasp the one and the other form of Eros (love), because they are both present in all things. "

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