The story of Oedipus (Sophocles – 430 a.c. about) told by Erich Fromm:


Freud He was referring to the myth of Oedipus according to the version contained in’ Sophocles' Oedipus Rex. The tragedy tells us that an oracle had predicted to Laius, Re di Tebe, and his wife, Jocasta, that if they had had a son, these would kill his father and marry his mother. when was he born Oedipus, Jocasta decided to escape the oracle's prediction, killing newborn. She gave Oedipus to a shepherd, because it left him in the woods with his feet bound and left him to die. But the pastor, moved with pity for the child, He gave it to a uomo who it was at the service of the King of Corinth, who in turn gave it to the master. The King adopts the child and the young prince grew up in Corinth without know of non- be the true son the King of Corinth. It is foretold by the oracle of Delphi that is his destination kill his father and marry his mother and decides to avoid this fate is not coming back more by his supposed parents. Returning to Delphi he has a violent argument with an old man who travels on a chariot, loses control and kills the’uomo and his servant without know of killing his father, the King of Thebes.
His travels led him to Thebes. In this city the Sphinx devouring the young men and the young girls of the place and will not stop until someone has found the solution to the puzzle that it proposes. L’enigma dice: ” What is it that walks on four first, then two and finally three? ” The city of Thebes has promised that anyone who solves and free the city from the Sphinx will be made king and will be given in marriage the widow of Laius. Edipo tried so. Find the solution to the enigma that is the’uomo that a child walks on four legs, as an adult on two and three old (with a stick). The Sphinx throws herself into the sea screaming, Thebes is saved from disaster, Oedipus becomes king and marries Jocasta, her womb.
after that Oedipus He reigned happily for some time, the city is decimated by the plague that kills many citizens. L’fortune-teller Tiresias proves that the epidemic is the punishment of the double murder committed by Oedipus, parricide and incest. Oedipus, After desperately tried to ignore truth, blinds himself when forced to see her and Jocasta takes off life. The tragedy ends at the point where Oedipus He has paid the penalty for a crime he committed without his knowledge, despite his conscious efforts to avoid it.
Erich Fromm, “The language Forgot”

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