"All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others. "
George Orwell.

What happened in France It is terrible. But because we have so much to heart?

Per un senso intimo e insaziabile di justice che ci viene da dentro?

How many have been the victims of the attacks in Paris everyone knows.

How many people are killed every day by the warriors of the Islamic State (IS) territory in the Middle East?

How many casualties in the ranks of the Kurds who are fighting on the territory against the warriors of the SI, while we send drones (machines without fear)?

How many innocent civilian casualties and made every day by our smart bombs in the Middle East?

Because no journalist or television program gives these numbers?

They feel absurd speeches, come se i morti per terrorism fossero diversi dai morti provocati dalle guerre “Conventional”.

In our society of bureaucrats, protocols and standards we can burocratizzare anche la death.
The dead are still dead, the terrorism è il modo di fare la war dei più deboli militarmente. From the human point of view there is no difference between one death caused by the most sophisticated weapons of an army “conventional” and one death caused by a suicide bomber.

Forse non è la sete justice che ci spinge a provare empatia nei confronti dei parigini, but only the fear that what happened to them, it can happen to us.

The dead are not all equal last edit: Monday,en,23 November 10:16, 2015 the nabladue

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