Expo 2015

Expo 2015 we feed the planet!

This is a declaration of intent that you can find on the official website of Expo 2015 a cui fanno eco le words di Sergio Mattarella riportate subito sotto.

“Expo Milano 2015 is the World's Fair that Italy will host from May 1 to 31 October 2015 and will be the biggest event ever organized and Nutrition. For six months, Milan will become a global showcase in which countries show the best of their technologies to give a concrete answer to a vital need: being able to provide healthy food, safe and sufficient for all peoples, respecting the planet and its balance.”
About Expo 2015?.
“The increase in inequality between rich and poor, constantly fighting to survive malnutrition, It makes it essential to adopt a new model of development that changes this unacceptable trend, nel rispetto dei fondamentali securities riconosciuti e sanciti dalla Dichiarazione Universale dei Diritti dell’Man”. Sergio Mattarella
Sergio Mattarella on Expo 2015.

Great nations organizers put the poor at the center of the Universal 2015?

Andiamo a see quali saranno gli interpreti e i protagonisti di questo grande evento.

First of all participating employees in the food sector: food producers, big brands, distributors, operators and companies connected in some way to the production of food.

Second will be the stars everyone can reap a profit from the sidelines of the fair: Hotels, restaurants, airlines and all those working in the tourism sector.

Foreign tourists there will certainly, since with Expo 2015, have an extra incentive to visit the beautiful country already visitatissimo!

All’World Expo 2015 There will be volunteers, employees of participating companies, quelli che otterranno un nuovo job per qualche mese e potranno arricchire il loro curriculum, because those who refuse to “brisk walking do not move”.

Having taken a look at producers, let's see what will be in the ranks of consumers:

The protagonists for excellence among cosumatori will be those who love food and wine tourism and whose passion is food and drink.
Questi personaggi quando escono la sera sono sempre alla search di ristoranti nuovi da sperimentare, il loro passatempo preferito è banchettare insieme ad friends e conoscenti.

Ad Expo 2015 there will certainly people naturally curious, alle quali interesserà ampliare le proprie conoscenze in matter di alimentazione: better understand how and what to eat and have a look on the future prospects. Tra questi sicuramente ci sarà qualcuno che proverà un sentito interesse per i problemi della sostenibilità e della fame nel world.

A condire la history of Expo 2015 attended by the usual “No”, those who say no a priori. Among them there will be some “No” sincere and based his protest on reasonable and real motives.

As in any self-respecting script, ad Expo 2015 saranno presenti anche i bad, those who find any excuse to put fire to a city even for personal enjoyment, con la stessa philosophy delle tifoserie violente del calcio. Those who destroy only for the pleasure of it and protesting, but they do not even know why they're protesting. Gli immancabili complottisti ci illumineranno asserendo che i bad sono sovvenzionati dagli stessi organizzatori!

As always there will be government and opposition: the first sponsor of the event, the second to find all possible malfunctions to scream: “distrust, resignation, we do fall il governo!”. Obviously the opposition, as Pierino that disturbed in class, non farà anything per favorire la buona riuscita dell’evento.

There will even corrupt and corrupting it with Expo 2015 They will have a good chance to make money.

Finally we talk about a protagonist inevitable: Italian l'medium. This time the average Italian will become an expert in organizing events, security, Anticorruption. Everyone will know what went wrong, everyone will know why it went wrong, everyone will know how the problems could have been avoided, everyone will know how you could have created an Expo 2015 perfect.

The protagonists of Expo 2015 will the poor? last edit: Monday,en,4 May 10:58, 2015 the nabladue

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