It is both a blog that a sharing website of thoughts, aphorisms, phrases. The center of gravity of the work are the thought and reflection. Through a "philosophical look" we are seen in the following topics: Science, Religion, Company, Man, Literature, East, Life lived, Language.

All these different topics are connected by wire knowledge of ourselves and world around us.

The Blog Npensieri consists of a series of articles commentable divided into categories depending on the theme.

The articles of the blog They do not necessarily have a reading order. In general there is a thin line connecting all items, but the blog, taken as a whole, It is not a text with a rigorous structure like that of a wise.

The presentation the work is in this page:

To the blog accessed by following the link below:

The Site Npensieri It consists of pages that are not commentable.

The site specific topics and are also monographs are processed on a particular author or philosopher. Also there is a collection of aphorisms related issues and authors treated.

The list of the main pages, which gives access to all the others are here:

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