What it made the 'uomo different from other species has been the ability to walk. In poche words, it seems that the need to walk on two legs is earlier than the build tools with hands.
the rest, l’uomo It has always been a great walker, since the beginning of his history. He moved constantly and, with single force of the legs, He managed to scour all the far corners of the Earth. They, then, l’be men is somehow linked to need of walk in world physical with the body, even more necessary for the 'uomo is walk with thought and consciousness in the worlds that belong to knowledge, all’ethics, a spirituality.

This site is an invitation to move with the mind, to undertake a journey of knowledge.

In Zen it is said that a good traveler He has no clear plans and its purpose is not to arrive.

Then, no matter which way do we go or if, paradoxically, back to square one. What matters is to begin to take steps… Even if we were to return at the same point, We would go back in a different way, we would ourselves "different". Although it is not necessary to plan the whole journey, we still need someone from time to time show us the way. Our guides are the giants of the past, that allow us to get away because we can trust the paths that have come before us. That's not to say, but, that we have to limit ourselves to repeat their way passively, without any involvement interior.

if the path should be "Our", no one can replace us, whatever road we choose to go: Our must be legs, Our head, Our him spirit and heart.
Good journey!

In fondo, it's better travel filled hope, that be already arrived.
Robert Louis Stevenson .
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