The case of Adriano Olivetti It is unique in the recent history World. Olivetti has been a successful entrepreneur with extraordinary humanity, culture and sensitivity to the needs of the human psyche.
Its purpose as an entrepreneur was to maximize profit. The difference with all the other entrepreneurs is that Adriano Olivetti was not willing to sacrifice the respect, about dignity and the happiness single be human. Olivetti has understood that the factory exists for l 'uomo and not the 'uomo for factory. This is easy to say when it occupies a low-profile company, much more difficult (perhaps almost impossible) if you occupy high or even if you own the company.

Adriano Olivetti Socialism wanted to make a meritocratic not nationalized. This means that the factories should have a good battery life compared to the state. The measures imposed from above must be limited and leave space to local individual factories. The same companies must be inserted in urban built and made for the welfare of workers. According Olivetti must fall the distinction between town and country. The man-made environment must enable all 'uomo to combat " detachment oppressive nature ". L’uomo It is still tied to nature and must continue to cultivate this bond for his inner wellbeing.
Factories - according to Olivetti – must be centers that deal with all aspects of life employee . This idea must take shape in two ways. First, the worker does not have to feel alienated from their own job. The job does not have to be too heavy a burden to bear. This means it goes made interesting, less repetitive it can and must give the opportunity to stimulate and develop the skills and personality of the worker. The company does not impose the job with the regime of terror or adopting compliance militaristic, but by encouraging the employee making him feel part of a family who has linked his own welfare. Working fine because what is produced allows to their "family business" (and also to the reflection in staff) of live as well as possible.

Adriano Olivetti was aware that men are not all equal. Therefore the corporate hierarchies should be based on a scale of securities based on the actual capacities of individuals.

The force model Olivetti is based on the cornerstones of modern civilization: culture, power, job, humanity. Of these elements, however, no one should dominate the others but will form a balance that will pay them in an indissoluble unity. So the Community Olivetti should not be dominated by pure politics because risk fall the servility and demagoguery. It should not be dominated by only search the maximum profit because risk of losing its humanity. It should not be dominated by humanity because risk of getting lost in the low productivity. It should not be overlooked because intellectualism could become an abstract idea unfeasible. What is meant to be - and this is perhaps the most difficult task that is assigned - is the set of all: profit, hierarchy, humanity and culture. If each of these respects the other constraints, individual interests will be merged with those collective.
The force of this model it is that it comes from a philosopher speculative, but from a uomo who put into practice in the land and planted a seed of his idea. The only thing missing - not because of her course- It is the cooperation of many people who did high that seed a forest. If you had done this we would have today under the eyes a world completely different.

Democracy without parties

As regards the policy, Adriano Olivetti had realized from the beginning of the '50s that the party system would
ended up destroying democracy itself. Suffice it to say that a text entitled Adriano Olivetti own democracy without parties. We must immediately point out, however, that the criticism Adriano Olivetti is very far from the destructive and nihilistic tendencies that are making their way into political movements “Alternative” of today.
Democracy parties, albeit seemingly far removed from the forms of government based on a 'aristocracy of blood, It is the victim of an aristocracy generated by wealth and fame in the media and social. In poche words It is likely to have a state in which only a specific and small part of the city have access to parliamentary representation.
In tal guisa, parties are not the representatives of the citizens, or the organs through which the people exercise its sovereignty. They are the representation of a single social class, that through economic means and media, orients the vote in universal suffrage.
Per Adriano Olivetti the party system, party politics, It is governed by “a secret and complex gear of interests and personalities”. The parliamentary government is a government party that has a tendency to abet the friends and oppress opponents. Govern the country takes second place, over the interests of “family” called party.
During the 50s he was fighting two major partisan forces: that communist and Catholic.
Adriano Olivetti was believed that none of them could give a concrete answer “crisis of democracy”.
Per quanto riguarda il communism non si capisce come, Once we realized the dictatorship of the proletariat we can move to a state that guarantees freedom and opportunity to express their vocations.

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