Everyone can play
without fear and without hesitation
our bell.
It has voice only
for a world free,
materially more fascinating
and spiritually higher.
It plays only for the part
best of ourselves,
vibrates whenever
at stake is the right against violence,
the weak against the powerful,
l’intelligenza contro la force,
the courage against resignation,
poverty against selfishness,
about wisdom and wisdom
against the haste and improvisation, about truth against error,
l’love against indifference.

Adriano Olivetti

“The new economy we imagine contributes to the material and accompanies the individual while perfecting their personality and their vocations. It however does not prevent you turn your mind towards a higher goal, not an end individual or personal gain, but a contribution to life of all the path civilization”.
Phrases of Adriano Olivetti – Factories fine.
L’uomo street realizes the deception of the anti-democratic nature of the mass parties.
Phrases of Adriano Olivetti – Factories fine.
There are sacrifices too great to get a free order and right.
Aphorism Adriano Olivetti – Factories fine .
The joy in job, today denied to the greatest number of workers of modern industry, will finally return to arise when the employee will understand that his effort, his labor, his sacrifice – that still will sacrifice – It is materially and spiritually tied to a noble and human entity that he is able to perceive, measure, check, as its job It will serve to strengthen the Community, real, tangible, where he and his children have life, ties, interests.
Adriano Olivetti – Factories fine.
The Communities tend to fall the distinction between town and country, assigning a unique administration towns and vast agricultural areas, in order to make possible a symbiosis between the agricultural economy and industrial economy.
Phrases Adriano Olivetti – Factories fine.
The power to direct job others must be Consequently merits or tied to eminent superior skills; on the other hand, the non-eliminable inequality among men it leads to a hierarchy of skills and securities constituting a natural order and human society. Workers, Specialists, technicians, Managers form the industry hierarchy. They rise up against the’injustice a system where the big and small decisions that interfere constantly on their life individual does not come from such a hierarchy securities, but by a power now dissociated from the real merits from which it drew a remote source.
Aphorism Adriano Olivetti – Factories well .
Any solution that does not give exclusive authority and responsibility to men of high preparation is considered a deception. L’worker Director of the factory is a romantic but anachronistic reminder of the early days of the Soviet revolution, while’worker member of a board of directors is a tragic fiction rhetoric of social republic Fascist.
Phrases Adriano Olivetti – Factories well.
To ensure the factory Community highest efficiency, the new state will consider the essential training and development of leaders with human qualities, technical and cultural higher.
Adriano Olivetti – Factories well.
It was the time of my father and Dominic Burzi [...]
Their great humanity, for which in their superiority, when they are discussing or examining the regime life or the factory regime, each worker was equal to them, era un uomo in front of a uomo.
Phrases Adriano Olivetti – Factories well.
In truth, in recent years mainly, we no longer worked for a real end, He worked only for a move on a bit’ confused, for not having to disappear, for having to defend themselves.
Aphorism Adriano Olivetti – Factories well .
Instead of looking after all our problems, we and our leaders were living hand to mouth, instead of looking forward in the future, impegnavamo our capabilities and our intelligence in sterile issues that needed to discuss in front of prefects or federal secretaries to which anything what mattered was for us, for many years, our labor and our dream: make this factory a better means of life and community social.
Phrases of Adriano Olivetti – Factories well .
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