Il coraggio Courage is not simply one of virtue but the shape of each virtue.
Whatever you can do, any dream you can dream, begins. Boldness carries with it genius, magic and strength. Begins now.
GoetheAphorisms courage.
IS’ normal that there is fear, in each uomo, the important thing is that it is accompanied by courage. It must not be overwhelmed by fear, otherwise it becomes an obstacle to moving forward.
Paolo Borsellino – Phrases courage.
Do not let the noise of others' opinions drown out our inner voice. IS, Most important of all, we must have the courage to follow our hearts and our intuition. somehow, they know what we really want to become. Everything else is secondary.
Steve JobsPhrases courage.
The world It is in the hands of those who have the courage to dream and run the risk of live their dreams.
Paulo CoelhoPhrases courage.
The most courageous decision you make each day
and of be in a good mood.
Voltaire – Aphorisms courage.
To practice non-violence must be fearless and have the courage to try all.
GandhiPhrases the brave.
I love the brave: but not enough be good warriors, it should also know Who hit. And often there is more courage in the refrain and move on, to save himself for the enemy more worthy.
Friedrich NietzscheAphorisms courage.
A clear vision of the possible and the impossible, the easy and the difficult, the labors that separate the project from implementation, enough to cancel wishes insatiable and vain fears: from this, and not from another derive the temperance and courage, virtue without which life It is only a shameless delirium.
Simone Weil – Phrases courage.
We try to be very sincere in our dealings with others, and to have the courage to accept us as we are.
Meresa of Calcutta – Phrases courage.
Until the day death, no one can be sure of his courage.
Jean Anouilh – Aphorisms courage.
One day the fear knocked on the door. Courage went to open it and found no.
Martin Luther King – Phrases courage.
Dare I do not miss. It is the fear that I care.
Antonio Albanian – Phrases courage.
All have more than enough courage to endure the afflictions of others.
Benjamin Franklin – Phrases courage.
The hope He has two beautiful children: outrage and courage. Disdain for the reality of things; courage to change.
St.’Agostino – Aphorisms about courage.
A willingness to think the unthinkable requires the courage to stay in solitude, to run the risk of ridicule. Not everyone can be a Picasso, but each has the ability to stand by the environment around.
Ari Kiev – Phrases courage.
Who is happy will make others happy too, who has courage and faith will never be overwhelmed by misfortune.
Anna Frank – Aphorisms about courage.
What would life if we had the courage to take risks?
Vincent van Gogh – Phrases courage.
Courage commands respect even to enemies.
Alexandre Dumas padre – Aphorisms about courage.
Who has the courage and character, It is always very disturbing for those around him.
Hermann Hesse – Phrases courage.
Sostienmi, O my courage.
Here is the ugly
Face of death! Arricciasi each hair,
And the soul rushes to my heart quivering.
Vincenzo Monti – Poems about courage.
For courage of self-denial it is always above’uomo, as I believe that the’uomo it is compared to the woman for courage in the brutal actions.
Mahatma Gandhi – Aphorisms about courage.
I do not want to erase my past, because in fine or in male made me what I am today. Indeed thank those who helped me discover the’love and pain, who loved me and used, who told me you want fine believing and who did so only for its dirty comfortable. I thank myself for having always found the strength to get up and get going, always.
Oscar Wilde – Phrases courage.
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