La fede

A faith: as it is more necessary to’uomo. Disgraziato colui che non crede in anything.
Victor Hugo

«In truth I say: if you have faith as a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain,: spostati da qui a là, and it will move, and nothing shall be impossible " (Mt 17,20).
Aphorisms Faith.
Conscious faith is freedom. The instinctive faith is slavery. Mechanical faith is madness.
Gurdjieff – Phrases Faith.
Faith and reason are like two wings on which the spirit Human rises to the contemplation of truth. IS It Gave He has placed in the heart of’uomo the desire to know the truth is, in definitiva, to know himself-so, knowing and loving God, It may also come to full truth on itself.
John Paul II – Aphorisms Faith.
Faith is the desire of those who believe.
St.’AgostinoAphorisms Faith.
Only those who have faith in himself can be faithful to others.
Erich FrommThoughts Faith.
Do not give faith to the old manuscripts, You do not believe a thing because your people believe it or because you have been led to believe from your childhood. Applied to everything your reason; when you have analyzed, if you think it's good for all and for each, then credetela, vivetela, and help your neighbor to live it in turn.
BuddhaAphorisms Faith.
Faith is the force of life. Se l’uomo lives, It means that in something believes. If you do not believe that we must live for anything, he would not live. If you do not see and do not understand the illusory nature of the finite, He believes in this finished; if you understand the illusory nature of the finite, he must believe in 'infinity. Without faith you can not live.
Lev Tolstoj – Thoughts Faith.
Just as no one can be forced to believe, no one can be forced to disbelieve.
Sigmund FreudThoughts Faith.
Where there is doubt, that hope;.
San FranciscoThoughts Faith.
Because value of your faith, more precious than gold, that,
though perishable, It is tested by fire,
redound to praise, glory and honor at the revelation of Jesus Christ.
S. Peter – Aphorisms Faith.
He had lived (without realizing it) of those truth Spiritual he had sucked with milk, and he had thought not only without acknowledging these truths, but eludendole carefully. Now it was clear that he had been able to live only thanks to the faith in which he had been educated.
Lev Tolstoj – Phrases Faith.
The plan It Gave It is by instilling faith in mind by means of reasons and in the heart by means of Grace.
Blaise PascalThoughts Faith.
Faith is to believe what we do not see; and the reward for this faith is the see what we believe.
Sant'Agostino – Aphorisms on faith.
Faith is the highest passion in a uomo. There are perhaps many in every generation men who do not come up to it, but no one goes beyond.
Soren Kierkegaard – Thoughts on Faith.
I do not believe in a It Gave staff and I have never hidden my conviction, indeed I clearly expressed. If there is something in me which can be called religious sentiment, It is the one unbounded admiration for the structure of world to the extent that the science we can reveal the.
Albert Einstein – Aphorisms on faith.
A faith that is not thought is nothing.
St.’Agostino – Thoughts on Faith.
If you continue in my word, you are truly my disciples; You know the truth is the truth It will set you free.
Jesus Nazareth – Aphorisms on faith.
If scientism is something, it is blind faith and dogmatic in science. But this blind faith in science It is alien to authentic scientist.
Karl Popper – Aphorisms on faith.
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