The test does not need to happen anything of male: do not mix opposites. Like all rivers, all the rain and the healing springs do not alter the taste of the sea, nor attenuate, so the impetus of adversity not weak of mind’uomo strong: It remains in place, and whatever happens in the fold itself; It is in fact the most powerful of all that surrounds him.

[…] from good essay, you do not think of know what you do not know.
SocratesPhrases wisdom.
Viva un uomo century vicious and distracted; It is worth more than a day of life of those living wisely and meditator. Viva un uomo century ignorant and careless; It is worth more than a day of life of those living wisely and meditator.
BuddhaAphorisms wisdom.
The essays draw lessons from fools than fools from wise,because the wise avoid the mistakes of fools, but fools do not imitate the successes of the wise.
Cato – Thoughts wisdom.
Wisdom ceases to be wisdom when it becomes too proud to weep,
to laugh too austere and too full of himself for see other than itself.
Khalil GibranPhrases wisdom.
Do not be guided by tradition, by custom or by hearsay; the sacred texts, logic or verisimilitude, nor from dialectic or inclination for a theory. Do not be persuaded by the apparent intelligence of someone or respect for a teacher… When you understand yourself what is false, foolish is bad, seeing that causes harm and suffering, abbandonatelo … And when you understand for yourself what it is right … coltivatelo.
BuddhaPhrases wisdom.
Created every day in a different way, wearing heaven and earth, immerse yourself in the wisdom and love, and by placing in the heart of Mother Nature. Your body and your mind They will be cheered, depression and sadness disappear, and you shall be filled with gratitude.
Morihei UeshibaPhrases wisdom.
The hardest thing of all is to take the invisible measure of wisdom, which alone bears within itself the limits of all things.
Salted .
Be wise but never do know to nobody.
SocratesAphorisms wisdom.
Wisdom is not the result of an education, but the attempt of a life whole to acquire.
Albert EinsteinThoughts wisdom.
Who knows others is learned; who knows himself, it is wise.
Lao TzuPhrases wisdom.
It is not a wise uomo because much talk: but when the patient, peaceful, fearless, then it is called wise.
Aphorisms Buddhist wisdom on.
The true sage, as he does not mind live, so he is not afraid of no live more. The life for him is not a male, nor is a male the non- live. But how to choose the best food, not quantity, so not the longer time you enjoy, but the sweetest.
EpicurusThoughts wisdom.
Dear Pan and all you other gods that you're in this place, concedetemi the beauty interior, and external goods that I own are in agreement with those inner. I consider the wise and rich that I possess much gold as it could take and bring with it other than the temperate.
PlatoAphorisms wisdom.
Wisdom can not be transmitted. The wisdom that a wise attempt to transmit always sounds like madness.
Hermann Hesse – Talks wisdom.
Better to be crazy on its own or essay with the opinions of others.
Friedrich Nietzsche – Talks wisdom.
I was smart and I wanted to change the world. Now I'm wise and I am changing myself.
Dalai Lama – Talks wisdom.
Wisdom: Ability to follow reason in behavior and judgments; balanced caution in distinguishing fine and the male, in assessing the situation and deciding, in speaking and in 'act. Unlike wisdom, that, at least in the modern sense, It regards intellectual perfection, wisdom, also expression of spiritual perfection, particularly interested in moral behavior and generally practical activity and is virtue that, though it based on a theoretical foundation, It is realized as a human experience as a rational discipline and ability to discern and determine what is fine and what it is male. The greek word used in philosophy is phronesis, It used to mean that form of knowledge which it is capable of directing the choice.
Vocabulary Treccani – Talks wisdom.
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