La speranza

Nothing should be beyond hope. The life It is a hope.
Oscar Wilde

Hope has two beautiful daughters: the anger and the courage…Disdain for the reality of things; the courage to change.
Pablo NerudaPhrases on hope.
the hope. La quintessenziale illusion Human is to time stesso la fonte della vostra massima force e della vostra massima debolezza.
Matrix Reloaded – Phrases on hope.
Where there is despair, let me bring hope.
San Francisco d’Assisi – Aphorisms on hope.
Until the day when It Gave It will deign to reveal all 'uomo the future, whole wisdom Human consist in these two words: wait and hope!
Alexandre Dumas padre – Phrases on hope.
If I had a little shop
made of a single room
I would put to sell
you know what?
the hope.
"Hope cheap!ʱ??
I'd give for a penny
to a single customer
just enough for six.
And the poor people
that does not have to be campare
I would give all my hope
without him pay.
Gianni Rodari – Poetry on hope.
Without hope, you can not find the unexpected.
HeraclitusAphorisms on hope.
the hope: it is in truth the worst of evils, because it prolongs the suffering of men.
Friederich NietzscheAphorisms on hope.
The moment occupies a narrow space between hope and regret, and is the space of life.
Carlo Emilio Gadda – Phrases on hope.
A second marriage is the triumph of hope on’experience.
Samuel Johnson – Phrases on hope.
The right to hope is the most powerful human motivation that I know.
Aga Khan IV – Aphorisms on hope.
Even without hope, the fight is still hope.
Romain Rolland – Phrases on hope.
The human spirit is always deceived in its hopes, and always fooled: always disappointed by the same hope, and always be able to: open not only, but it owned by hope in the very last despair.
Giacomo LeopardiPhrases on hope.
Hope is like a road in the fields: there has never been a road, but when many people walk in it, the road takes shape.
Lin Yutang – Phrases on hope.
The hope is that veil that hides the nature of nudity truth.
Alfred Nobel – Aphorisms on hope.
A uomo unable to have visions never realize a great hope or never begin any large company.
Woodrow Wilson – Phrases on hope.
There is no hope without fear, fear and without hope.
Karol Wojtyla – Phrases on hope.
Not the end of joy that makes old age so sad, but the end of hope.
Jean Paul – Talks hope.
Hope stops be happiness when it accompanied by impatience.
John Ruskin – Aphorisms about hope.
Suffering is inherent in human nature; but we do not suffer ever, or at least very seldom, without nourishing the hope of healing; and hope is a pleasure.
Casanova – Talks hope.
A hope, sometimes, It weakens the conscience, as a vice.
Elsa Morante – Talks hope.
Against the wait is helping to hope. But it should not only nourish hope, We also find in it something to cook.
Ernst Bloch – Aphorisms about hope.
Who does not dare anything, do not hope in anything.
Friedrich von Schiller – Talks hope.
Hope is something with wings, who dwells in 'soul and sings the tune without words, and he never stops.
Emily Dickinson – Aphorisms about hope.
Outside of mercy It Gave there is no other source of hope for humans.
Karol Wojtyla – Talks hope.
Hell is the state of those who have ceased to hope.
Archibald Joseph Cronin – Talks hope.
The hope is the normal form of delirium.
Emil Cioran – Aphorisms about hope.
A winner is simply a dreamer who has not given up.
Nelson Mandela – Talks hope.
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