Temperance: Virtue moral is to adjust wisdom ed balance meeting the needs and natural appetites.
Vocabulary Treccani

Temperance and courage, virtue without which life It is only a shameless delirium.
Simone Weil – Phrases temperance.
Temperance is the virtue morality that moderates the attraction of pleasures and provides the balance use of created goods. It ensures the will's mastery over instincts and keeps wishes within the limits of honesty.
The life in ChristAphorisms temperance.
It is not because the old one that boss He has become the hoary: his age may also be secondary school certificate, but he is called "the old vain"; but the one in which they are truth, justice, respect for life, temperance and mastery over himself, which he erased the stain itself , he called old. Aphorisms Buddhists
BuddhaPhrases temperance.
One of the great secrets of happiness It is moderate wishes and love what you already have.
Émilie du Châtelet – Aphorisms Moderation.
Temperance: Virtue moral is to adjust wisdom ed balance meeting the needs and natural appetites. Cicerone temperantia makes with the term greek sophrosyne, whereby Aristotle designates the virtue consisting in moderation impulses and appetites.
In Catholic theology temperance it is one of the cardinal virtues; it moderates trends and sensual appetites.
Vocabulary Treccani – Phrases temperance.
Then temperance or moderation, who is content with little, and curbs the wishes non-natural
and unnecessary, and above all it keeps the mind free from excessive greed and passions.
L’ ethics EpicurusPhrases temperance.
Let little and what little I want, I want little.
San Francisco d’Assisi – Aphorisms Moderation.
Temperance and job They are the two best guardians of virtue.
Don Bosco – Phrases temperance.
Temperance is the golden mean between intemperance (absence of control) and insensitivity.
AristotleAphorisms temperance.
Temperance: Do not eat and drink too much.
Benjamin Franklin – Phrases temperance.
Nothing is more necessary than superfluous.
Oscar WildePhrases Moderation.
Temperance and the exercise of the body are the two pillars on which health wanders.
Pellegrino Artusi – Phrases temperance.
All excess. To enjoy the taste of life, Give us inside with open mouth. Moderation is fine for monks.
Robert Anson Heinlein – Phrases Moderation.
The moderation in character is always a virtue, but moderation in principle is always a vice.
Thomas Paine – Talks moderation.
Moderation is a virtue only for those people who think they have an alternative.
Henry Kissinger – Aphorisms on moderation.
But if things will stay so, in which people will say that is temperance? The rulers or the ruled?
– In the one and in the other, said.
– So we were right just now, comparing temperance in a kind of harmony. what do you mean?
– That here is not as to the wisdom and the courage, that make the state brave and wise yet in a part of it. Temperance extends to the entire City, creating harmony among the weakest, the strongest and those who are in the middle or intelligence or force or by number or wealth or other similar reasons.
PlatoThoughts temperance.
Exhort young people to three things: to have temperance in the soul, to observe silence, to have the decency to face.
Plutarch – Talks temperance.
The word temperance (Temperance) It may indicate two things. First, in the generic sense of its meaning, temperance is not a special virtue, but general, as the term indicates a certain temperance climate (temperature) or moderation, mail in acts and human passions by reason; and this is common to all the moral virtues ... But if the term temperance means the provision to restrain the appetite from the things that appeal to the 'uomo, then it is a special virtue, It has a special subject like fortezza (courage)
St. Thomas Aquinas – Talks temperance.
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