if the cinema It was made only of images, Malick would be its embodiment. Le scene dell’ tree life They are lovely and would be enough to make it a work of art. Malick But it is also a thinker, a director can transpose philosophy on the screen. Man, life, cosmo, nature, It Gave They are united, so unforced, in a harmonious vision of 'universe.

Malick shows all facets of life in the tree of life: by the development of matter informe alla birth of life Biological, from the macrocosm of 'universe the microcosm of life family. The two principles of nature and grace introduced by the director symbolize the relationship between evolution of matter and life Biological (Nature) and the ratio between uomo is It Gave (Grace). The expressions of 'evolution of matter in the cosmos and the life Biological on earth are made in a memorable and open the doors of wonder. The other side of life is that of humanity, existence as consciousness and self-awareness. This life, indeed, al contrario di quella della natura è fragile e si trova spesso in balia di forze più grandi di lei: suffering, about death, defeat, pain. E that theuomo enters the scene with all its miseries, inettitudini, frustrations and limitations. Thus, the concept of nature called uomo It is the result of the great mystery of existence and its intrinsic destination of self-destruction and suffering. His greatness, however, is in its ability to unite to something higher, of spiritual, that Malick watching fine from defining, but that brings us through images. Somehow we feel part of a universal design that requires looking beyond ourselves, to extend the look beyond our small world to open ourselves to the inner wonder and a global and peaceful existence.

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