In riposta a CINEFORUM – “The Matrix” (“Matrix”) di Andy e Lana Wachowitz

first of all, I'm sorry I was not there because it's one of my film Favourites. Already some time ago I wrote something about this film (The Matrix) although I do not know any cinephile as Pier. this because Matrix He hits me. I remember when I came out cinema, si insinuò in me, for a few days, the strange feeling of having found a part of me and my thoughts projected on the screen (It was probably also due to the type of reading that I brought forward from early youth). in each case, in that circumstance, I was fascinated and attracted by comparison reality /illusionknowledge/nescience - freedom / slavery. Also it was placed on the screen, in a simple and symbolic, the centrality of religious feeling and the emergence of a path spirituale che rendeva sfumati e vaghi i solchi ed i muri tracciati dagli uomini in millenni di history of religions. The religious syncretism had pierced my heart. I thought that the film, in linea con altre opere e con gli insegnamenti di alcuni masters indiani contemporanei, emerge of an eschatological sense common to all religions and spiritual disciplines.
Today probably, I shall focus on other aspects. first of all, I would like to better understand the mechanisms and the deceptions of the dark mind and heart. We are sure that we come up against a monster that is outside of us and not inside? L’illusion it was only in world outer? What are the limits of our self-observation? How many of us, behind the screen, They feel part of the gathering of those who take the red pill? But we are really?
We believe Seconded from material goods, but we are not willing to leave the comforts, the comforts and the functional aspect of the objects they bring with them. In other circumstances, we are willing to "bind heavy burdens imposing them on men's shoulders, and then not want them to move with our own strength even with a fingerʱ??. Our positive projection turns up when we immerse ourselves in the letters and in cinema, when we see ourselves as part of a humanity quitting, upper and living immersed in spirituality. But it is all too easy to become absorbed in literary fiction or films that take us on the stage and make us imagine be what we want be. in this sense, books is cinema can strengthen our own illusory projection: console us, but also we pay the price for those who do not feel we are.
Then I would start to investigate their own in small meanders of our psyche. Unfortunately, from here it arises huge problems: what is our capacity for self-valutarci, to build representations of world around us, our inner self and other that are consistent (in union) with our way of thinking, con le nostre emozioni e con il nostro act?

Second aspect: we are an "all one". I write it attacked, although grammatically incorrect, just to highlight the-non-separation. I think we should stop saying you are conceptual, tu sei materialistic, you are emotional ... .We are all of this: emotion, intellect, heart, instinctuality, matter, soul. We try to make our multifaceted harmonics instead of segmentarci, schematizzarci condemned to die a part of us for the benefit of another.

Another problematic issue is the interdependence of all things, without exclusion. Us that we are part of the system world-illusory, We can come and go as we want through a futuristic phone booth? We can see the system from outside? That is to say "we have the power to observe it objectively?" my answer – to date – is that we can not: we are part of that macrocosm and we can not do without see the world and others distorted and filtered by a lens that is our view partial. said this, It is to collapse the distinction between reality /illusionknowledge/nescience - freedom / slavery. We are all slaves-free, we're all ignorant-wise we are all immersed in a world Reality-illusion. So that process of investigation of vital importance and totalizing, of a life spending to seek the Truth is another illusion?
It Depends. He confondiamo the finger pointing at the moon with the moon itself I think inevitably we lose. but if, Unlike, It will never be the reality that we have to change around, but only the way in which we interpret and we represent the, then we could trace the finger to observe the moon. In a Copernican revolution search, It is not what we want to change that must change, but simply the way we see the things. I can not say better than this words an old maestro zen:

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