Zengzi said: "Every day I look at myself on three issues:
1. if acting on the other I was loyal;
2. if dealing with friends I was sincere;
3. if I practice what I transmit to others ". .
Fang Chi questioned the Maestro on the virtue of’ humanity.
Confucius disse: "Love your neighbor".
Fang Chi questioned the Maestro on knowledge. Confucius disse: "Know and understand the upcoming". .
Confucius disse: "Regarding the virtue humanity must not give in even in front of his maestro".
(15:35) .
Zigong asked the virtue World.
Confucius disse: "The craftsman who want to run fine his job, He must first sharpen his tools. Cosi, who resides in the state, serve dignitaries and more virtuous face friendship with the literati with humanity ". .
Zigong asked: "If there was a uomo you devote to fine of the people and that he cared multitudes, how about? It is a case of humanity?".
Confucius disse: "This is not only of humanity, but of holiness! The same ancient rulers Yao and Shun is plagued by not go that far!
Moreover, who owns humanity makes autonomous others as he wants be autonomous; It advances the others because he wants progress. The ability to evaluate others starting from themselves will be called the "principle of humanity" ' .
Zigong asked if the’uomo top he hated someone.
Confucius disse: "There are cases in which hates. He hates those who speak of the faults of others.
Hates, staying below, criticism chi sta in alto.
Who hates and brave but does not take into account the rules of conduct.
Who hates and bold but limited ".

Then he said,: "So do you hate someone?".

Zigong answered:

"I hate people who take the cunning to wisdom.
I hate people who take the insolence to courage.
I hate people who take spying for frankness ".

The Maestro said: «L’uomo higher and in harmony with others but liberal and uniform. L’uomo worthless and servile and uniform but not in harmony with others ". .
The Maestro said: «L’uomo top is universal and non-partisan. Man worthless and biased is not universal ".

The Master said,: "The superior man does not reward according to words, but it rejects an argument because of who supports it ".

Confucius disse: "The superior man understands the justice The correct; man worthless includes self-interest '.

The Master said,: "The superior man is calm and magnanimous, while the man is worthless ruff ".

Zigong disse: "The mistakes of the superior man are like eclipses of the sun and moon. All realize it when he's wrong, and everyone admires when repents ".

Confucius disse: "For three things the superior man must look: when young and its vitality is in turmoil must look lust; when mature and its vitality and robust must lardarsi dall'irascibilità; and when old and its vitality is weakened, should look greed '.

Confucius disse: "There are nine thoughts top man: carefully observe when using your eyes, listen keenly when he uses his ears, be friendly appearance, be respectful tract, be loyal in words, be reverent in their duties, query in doubt, think about the consequences wrath, and justice the gain ".

The Master said,: "The superior man is easy to use but difficult to satisfy. It will not be satisfied if it indulges in a manner inconsistent with Via; When engaging in the service of others, It is employing them according to ability. The man is worthless hard to serve and easy to satisfy. Also outside of the Via, he may be contented; When engaging in the service of others, It demands from them every capacity ". .
The Master said,: "I've never seen a man standing '.
Someone replied: «E Shen Cheng?"
The Master said,: "Shen Cheng is full of wishes. How can it be stopped?". .
Zigong asked: "There is only one word that applies to the entire life man?".
Confucius disse: "It is reciprocity (shu). Do not do to others what you would not want done to you ". .
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