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Phrases Martial Arts

One has learned boxing, pancratium and fight with weapons in order to be stronger than friends as enemies, not for this he must strike the friends, nor hurt them or kill them.
Phrases Martial Arts – Plato.
You're faster than this. Do not think of it: be convinced of it. Stop trying to hit me! Hit!
Aphorisms Martial Arts – Morpheus.
The ninja knows that invisibility is a matter of patience and agility.

Always studying the battleground.

Training is nothing, the will is everything! The will of act!

Ducard: The death will not wait until you're ready. The death no respecter, it's not fair! And to avoid any misunderstanding here you'll see in the face death! [Fighting] The tiger. Jujitsu. the Panther. Sei bravo, but not a ballet. And you also have fear. But not me … now you can tell us Mr. Wayne: what are you afraid of?

Phrases Martial Arts – Ducard a Bruce Wayne – Batman Begins

Ducard: The ninjitsu involves the use of explosive dust.
Bruce Wayne: As weapons?
Ducard: Or as diversion. Theatricality and deception are tools powerful. You must become more than a uomo the eyes of your opponent
Aphorisms Martial Arts – the dark Knight .
Prisoner: Tu sei all’inferno, uomo small! And I'm the devil!
Bruce Wayne: You are not the devil … six training!
Phrases Martial Arts – the dark Knight .
Sometimes in life you face things that you think you do not be able to do. But remember that the only limits are those of mind. Exceeds the limits of what you believe, you can achieve the impossible.
Phrases Martial Arts - The way of the sword. Young samurai di Chris Bradford .
You exit the world martial arts… I wait hell.

Four of your techniques have gaps. – so? – I'm afraid that one day you will meet a real maestro you dispatch them for this.

If you can give up the sword that ports and leave its path, I can consider myself happy be your latest victim.


Submitting automatically to the traditions will not get to no progress.
Not just feel frightened by the changes, Tradition is not something that keeps the old forms stubbornly in front of a society and a way of life that changes from day to day. Ogni tradizione che ha value deve costantemente live and breathe in a new way; if it has no points of contact with the this is not that a ghost.
The this It lies on what the past has accumulated, and the future on an extension line that starts from the this. A this that is not conscious of his origins, He has nothing to say; the same applies to the hopes future who want to ignore this.ʱ??
Isao Okano – Phrases martial arts.
Learn to be masters of your mind, rather than being mastered.
The way of the sword. Young samurai di Chris Bradford – Phrases martial arts.
The vera force not always revealed through victory.
Arise, try again, and shows force of spirit.
Aphorisms Martial Arts – - Rickson Gracie.
The maestro Ittei said yet: "To make the fine, in poche words, We must bear suffering '. Do not accept suffering is male. It is a principle which knows no exceptions.
Yamamoto Tsunetomo – Phrases Martial Arts.
Then… as you suderai here, much less bleed in battle. My father taught me that fear is a constant companion, but accepting it will make you stronger.
Phrases Martial Arts – Leonida.
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