The art of war General Sun Tzu is a treatise on military strategy lived in China probably between the sixth and fifth centuries A.C.. The art of war It consists of thirteen chapters, each dedicated to one aspect of the war. The book had a great influence in the EU military strategy. Like other works of Sino-Japanese culture, the art of war is a compendium whose advice can be applied to many aspects of life, as well as the military strategy. In fact it is a text read by many managers across the Moldo.
Aphorisms is phrases taken from The Art of war di Sun Tzu .

The best is not to win a hundred battles hundred, but rather to subdue the enemy without fighting.
phrases The art of war di Sun Tzu .

Opportunities multiply when catches them.
(Sun Tzu's The Art of warPhrases) .
He who knows when it's time to fight and when it is not, It will be victorious.
Quotes of the art war.
It is said: "Knowing the other and knowing oneself, in a hundred battles risk does not arise; not knowing the other, but knowing oneself, once you win and when you lose; because they know neither themselves nor others, It will inevitably be in danger at every confrontation "
Aphorisms The art of war di Sun Tzu.
The skilled warriors of antiquity acted first so that it can not be Won, and waiting for the moment when they can win the enemy.
The art of war aphorisms.
He who knows when it's time to fight and when it is not, It will be victorious.
Quotes the art of war.
Educates with the literary arts, unifies with you martial arts; so you'll get the win.
phrases The Art of War.
In any conflict, regular maneuvers lead to confrontation, and the unpredictable to victory. (Sun Tzu's The Art of War).
Spingile to defeat and be saved; throw them on a deadly and survive. It is facing the disaster that can seize victory.
phrases The Art of War by Sun Tzu.
…wins really only those who can impose obtaining the maximum profit in the shortest time possible (preferably without a fight) and with minimal losses .
Be like the wind; slow as a plant; aggressive like fire; still as a mountain; inconoscibile come lo yin; impetuous like thunder.
Quotes the art of war.
These five dangers Fighter:
be too ready to die,
too worried live,
too carried wrath,
too attached to the honor,
too emotional.
Quotes the art of war.

Phrases is aphorisms The Art of War – Sun Tzu

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