"As the founder [the zen Bodhidharma] He sat in meditation in front of the wall. His successor [Huike] He was standing in the snow. He cut his arm and said,: “Mine mind It not pacified. Please my peaceful mind”.

The founder said: “Bring your own mind and I pacificherò”.
The successor said: “I tried my mind and I have not found”.
The founder said: “I have pacified your mind".

Phrases Zen .

A uomo He asked a maestro zen: "What were you doing, first to enlighten?ʱ??.
The maestro zen said: "I used to cut wood and carry water from the well".
Again he was asked: "And what do you do now that you've lit?ʱ?? .
He answered:"Cutting firewood and harbor water from the well"
Aphorisms zen .
If you meet the street Buddha, I uccidilo.
Lin Chi – Maestro zen .
What is the sound of one hand clapping?
Koan Zen .
The archery is not intended in any case to achieve something external, with bow and arrow, but on the inside and with himself. Bow and arrow are as it were only a pretext for something that could happen without them, just the way towards a goal, not the goal itself, only supports the jump last and decisive.
Zen and archery -Eugen Herrigel .
Learn Buddhism It is learning themselves; learn about oneself is to forget oneself. Forget themselves is be awakened to Reality. Awakening to actually let fall your body / mind and body / mind of others.
Dogen Zenji – Genjo Koan .

Wandering clouds - Maestro Zen Ikkyu Sojun

From world of the forms
Returning to world shapeless,
A pause.
if it rains, let it rain
If the wind blows, let puffs.
Ikkyu Sojun – Phrases zen .
After I'm gone, you can retreat to the mountains or the woods to meditate, or put to haunt brothels and taverns. In both cases, you have my blessing. But those who will claim to own Zen, of know la Via, those will be the real impostors, the enemies of Word. We are blind leading the blind by the hand ...
Ikkyu Sojun – Aphorisms zen .
Heaven and earth buried,
cleared each door or barrier;
Now that I have made a ball,
here in front of me the Himalayas.
But there comes a crazy and at once
my mountain is pulverized:
L’universe created and destroyed
In un fuggevole batter d’ali.
Ikkyu Sojun – Phrases zen .
Infiniti are the names
the One in three spheres,
How to recognize it today
it is not easy to say.
About this world corrupt
eight thousand times crossing the threshold
Staying in the belly of a donkey,
always Buddha prejudice. .
Because the pleasures of spring
we do not want to enjoy it to the end?
Our mind is like the guest
He saw the snake in the cup:
Scorpi l’illusion and hell vanishes,
open wide the heavens,
Clouds of flowers in the Willows
In the heart of the eternal spring.
Ikkyu Sojun – Phrases zen .
We are all creatures
destined to lose the way,
Deep is the deception
that even we feel deceived.
But if our way
of search not researched it light,
Then the divine that is in us
no effort would be fulfilled here and now.
Ikkyu Sojun – Aphorisms zen .
By dint of his head grow
we have lost our heart.
But what exercise science
is the song of the fisherman?
Rain evening on Xiang,
Moon Chu in the clouds
Night after night the harmony
si compone in poetry .
The attitude of Kuiji,
yes that was second nature:
the wine, meat, gives the
and Sacred Scripture.
Here's how dev 'be
The eye of a true maestro,
But there are quest'accolta I
To cultivate such an inspiration ...
Ikkyu Sojun .
The ass bows to the rules,
l’uomo the breaks:
Countless as the grains of sand is river
the nonsense that drowns the mind.
In the newborn child
already runs the thread of eros,
Blossoms and fades red flower
Spring after spring
Ikkyu Sojun – Aphorisms zen .
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