ʱ??Live with awareness means live in the present moment. It is always aware of what is happening within us and around us. It is in immediate contact with the lifeʱ?? (Siddhartha Gautama – il Buddha)

There is no doubt that the ability to live the present is critical. Sometimes, we forget live the present: we prefer to look at the past or we project into the future. Unfortunately, just what that would be worth live does not exist. Indeed, this does not exist. Even you who read are you realizing. In your mind there's the part you just read. And now it has passed ... And you read this ... And yet ... is slipping away, as well as the moment: carpe diem, but time flies. For more surely you already screened / to the future, and you must be wondering what else there will be written in this strange piece. The answer is that we are always between past and future. This is only an approximation of modern physics, a sort of medium between past and future.
Imagine that there is a uomo which can only go forward, with the same step, without stopping. We know precisely where it started the 'uomo? Yup, simply take his position before it begins to move. We can say where it will arrive? Simply getting to the geographical coordinates of the target point. But if we want to know where 'uomo It is at this very moment, problems begin. Indeed, in This time he is moving and its location can not be determined. Each time that will give a position, l’uomo you will find a little bit ahead of it, and we can not ask him to stop. Then, we will never be able to say that 'uomo It is located at the point x. actually, when we say, he will already be at the point x + something. We groped to photograph it while moving; but, even in that case, the location where the man is portrayed will always be different from that in which it was when we decided to make him the photograph. Its location, his expression and even light, will be different. Just that man is the time we would like to stop. The words They are our photography. The same applies to the thoughts. The time It is like a river flowing. And we are on the river; our conscience is above the river and will never look at the river from outside. It is part of the movement of the river, he can not stop. Can not live without movement, without time. Can know Where is he from, where you go, but can not know where it is at this moment. In short, the instant is not in any particular place, You are moving.

Let's talk about the present. But now it is no longer present. And even this. This does not exist, because there is the moment, In fact, the moment is just a concept limit. for this reason, the time passes so quickly and, often, we do not even realize. We can not stop time, but we can slow it down. In yoga, Meditation is used to control and slow down the flow of thoughts, in order to brake at least psychological time. The apparent unity of the I is actually constituted by a flow of thoughts unstoppable, so that our conscience is not at all strong and unified. We are at the mercy of a succession of thoughts uncorrelated and indomitable that consume our energy and accelerate the flow of time. For this reason,, we are missing, very uninspired, often we change mood and attitudes, without a real motivation. Instead, slowing the flow of thoughts, become stable, present, focused; and the time, albeit equally passes, It is less overwhelming. If a river flows slowly carries away less water than what flows rushing toward the mouth. This river is the internal time, we should not consume too quickly. If we let ourselves be overwhelmed by psychological time, about life It becomes a set of times when we are not present.

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