Bare feet leaving footprints in the sand, pronte ad be cancellate al passaggio di altre vite, Other Stories. Orme che rimangono giusto il time di poter fissare i ricordi, feelings, emotions. The sea in the month of May has a particular air, a beauty che rilassa, that puts in harmony.
I colori sono più vivi e … Se Marco dovesse immaginare un world, would the climate of May. Maybe just because it is his month, but it is the month in which you feel better.

Marco è al mare con un friend e si gode la giornata. Dopo una settimana di intenso job, the two boys finally relax, they read, They talk and look at the girls passing: the first costumes after one year.
"Carina that eh".
"Yup,her friend is cute though, ".
«Va fine, done deal. You take her friend ".
"Now just missing a detail".
"Which? "
«Bisogna see loro cosa ne pensano».
"you are right. I almost forgot ".
"We're going to know them? ".
Approach, ask the name of the girls who kindly respond. Iniziano a parlare del più e del meno e non si rendono conto del time passing. Martha and Anna are two girls very pretty and have that intelligence typically feminine that the two boys love, but eventually they discover that they are girlfriends.
The two return to their station, disheartened and a bit 'of melancholy.
"Cabbage! It is always like this, if you care about someone's girlfriend ".
«Ah, to those who say!".
"next time, la prima question che dobbiamo fare è chiedere se sono fidanzate».
"Who knows where it will be?".
"Where will those?".
«La mia soul gemella».
«Tu credi che esista una sola soul mate ?".
"If you break or cut an apple in half, per quanto le due parti possano be brutte o deformi,quando si uniscono riprendono la loro originale beauty e perfezione geometrica. So I look for the other half of the apple ".

"If it were as you say, tutto sarebbe scritto e niente sarebbe lasciato al case. Nel tuo universe also the life amorosa è già determinata a priori, since there is only one figure that can fit perfectly with your. Non ti sembra una philosophy eccessivamente deterministic".

"Honestly (perhaps naively), da un po’ di time non vedo più questo problema. It seems to me that one of the destino o del case sia uno dei soliti enigmi che riempiono books e danno good argomenti di conversazione, nevertheless they are roughly inessential ".

"What do you mean?"

"I mean it case e destino They have the same impact on our lives. They are the same thing ".

"what do you mean? Actually are antithetical concepts ".

"First of all they are not absolutes. An event is random or predetermined based on contingent circumstances. Often, It used the "roll of the dice" as an example of randomness for excellence. actually, even the outcome of the roll is inherently random. Indeed, conoscendo force, direction of launch, wind, frictions, etc ... it could calculate precisely which face the nut will show ".

"and with this? For me that throwing the dice, unaware of everything that happens on the physical level, it is random ".

"for this. For "you" is random, so it is not an absolute concept. Voglio dire che se dovessi definire il case, I would define it as a fact that I do not have the possibility to determine. actually, in world fisico macroscopico anything è imprevedibile e quindi niente dovrebbe be frutto del case. Se andiamo a livello microscopico la solita meccanica quantistica ci fa entrare in un universe in cui non è possibile prevedere tutto. Esistono delle limitazioni e delle proprietà della matter che rendono alcuni fenomeni incerti o indeterminabili a priori. Altri possono be determinati solo a livello statistico. We can determine which is the probability that a given phenomenon happens or not '.

"Then, in quantum mechanics admit the case ».

"Yup, but only in that case (scusa il giro di words). Indeed, a livello macroscopico tutto può be determinato con certezza, provided you know the physical laws governing phenomena and the boundary conditions. Therefore, for us humans, it makes little sense to talk about or if destination. Brutally, admit that the day when x y a boulder invests the car of Mr. Gino. The event is the result of case or destination?
actually, is the same thing because, Gino, because you know neither the case nor the fate he would not have prevented the accident. From his point of view the event is not always predictable, otherwise it would have saved. Sia che sia un it gave a tessere le trame dello svolgersi del time, sia che sia una force misteriosa ed imprevedibile il signor Gino non può cambiare gli eventi».

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