The exhortation know yourself It is a motto greek, inscribed on the temple of the Oracle of Delphi. It is an invitation to look inside, to understand that life It is inside of us and not only outside.
Understand that the person coincides with 'I “interior”, and that the knowledge This "I" is critical to the pursuit of happiness.

I essays Greeks have turned their gaze inward. for the first time, l’uomo It coincides with his inner self.
Socrates You are the "know thyself" a cornerstone of his thought, the only stable landing of his cabinet philosophy. Socrates It was the first uomo to recognize in its soul. He said “l’uomo is its soul” It not what has or appears externally.

From this formula derive two other fundamental aspects of thought Socratic.

Know yourself also it means knowing your limits.
We can not be happy unless we accept , with all our limitations. This does not mean that it is our duty to improve groped, but it is starting from the awareness of the limits, we can overcome them or accept them as insurmountable.

Know yourself It is also concern for what is ours. Everyone has to do what he does best. We must follow their attitudes, enhance their skills, and a just society, should let people do what they were born.
Then, first of all, should be men (but men seriously, not brutes!); and then you can be good doctors, artisans, engineers, workers, technicians, teachers, playing its job with dedication and passion.

In this sense the know yourself It is a source of happiness. and the philosophy becomes eudemonia (pursuit of happiness). As a means to get to knowledge,It allows you to know yourself, and along the only road that leads to happiness.

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