Un filosofo è un uomo che costantemente vive, sees, feel, intuits, hopes, dreams extraordinary things; who is struck by his own thoughts as if they came from the outside, from above and from below, like his kind of events and lightning; is perhaps himself a storm pregnant with new lightning; a uomo fatale, around which still rumbles and roars and widen the abyss and hovers a sinister air. A philosopher: alas, a be che spesso fuFtalegge da se stesso, afraid of himself – but that is too curious not to “return a se stesso” every time.
Al in là del fine and male, Friedrich Nietzsche – Who is philosopher.
Se un filosofo è un uomo blind, in a dark room, looking for a black cat that is not there, un teologo è l’uomo che riesce a trovare quel gatto. (Bertrand Russell).
Spòsati: if you find a good wife you'll be happy, if you find a bad, become philosopher.
Frase sul filosofo Socrates.
La maggior parte degli uomini sono Philosophy in quanto operano praticamente e nel loro pratico operare è contenuta implicitamente una concezione del world, a philosophy. (Gramsci).
I Philosophy hanno solo interpretato il world in different ways; However this is changing him. ( Marx ).
The chiamaveno er Matto, poor!
Instead it was a philosopher, Unfortunately!
Pale, allampanato, half lame,
with a bundle of libbri under ar arm
it seemed that harbored them mysteries
dedietro ar glass of the glasses blacks.
Per live just have to be one one one one animal it gave, He says Aristotle. Missing the third case: must be the one and the other, a philosopher.
Friedrich Nietzsche.
There will be a good government only when Philosophy become kings or kings become Philosophy.
I Philosophy non spuntano dal terreno come i funghi. Essi sono il prodotto del loro time.
K. Marx.
You can imagine philosophers as people who make extreme efforts to experiment until the height’ uomo possa elevarsi .
TEODORO e Socrates discutono sulla differenza tra filosofo e avvocatoTEODORO: Non abbiamo forse time free [noi philosophy], O Socrates?
SOCRATES: It seems so . E spesso in truth, friend my, on other occasions, but now in special way, ho avuto modo di osservare che quanti dedicano molto time all’indagine filosofica, when they come in the courts, They make the ridiculous figure of speakers.
TEODORO: Coma ever say this?
SOCRATES: Those who move in the courts and in similar places to be young compared to those who were fed in the study of philosophy and in such activities, give the impression of be We were brought up with a treatment of slaves in the comparison of free men.
TEODORO: for what reason?
SOCRATES: for this: as those that you said a moment ago, trovano sempre time libero a disposizione, and very comfortable they make their speeches in peace: like us, Now, We change the subject of conversation for the third time, so also for those, when out of the blue it comes another who attracts them more, like us now, than what you are proposed?
IS anything importa loro di indugiare e discutere per le lunghe e per le brevi, on the sole condition that manage to touch the real. The others speak with concern – there is pressing the sand flowing down from the hourglass and can not even do the talk the way you want, perché su loro incombe il contendente che arreca need e l’accusa letta a voce alta, outside of which you should not argue: and it is what they call mutual oath.
And their talk always about a fellow slave against an employer who is sitting there , sitting, and it has a case at hand, and are as running races not taking place ever one part and the other part, but always for that of one same end: e spesso la corsa riguarda anche la stessa life. so that, for all these reasons, They are always under pressure and they become crafty, sapendo lusingare il padrone con le words e ingraziarselo con i fatti, meschini e non retti nell’soul. […] .
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