"It occurs to me mind a fascinating myth about the relationship between destination and the free will: the myth of Er narrated by Plato in the tenth book of the Republic ".

"Beautiful! Però non mi ricordo nei dettagli qual’era la history narrata».

"Er is a kind of precursor of Dante. He went in the afterlife, and he returned without having drunk water from the river Lethe (that of forgetfulness). The gods have allowed him so he would tell us what he has seen ".

"Yup, I remember something. Go ahead though, ".

"The afterlife narrated by Er is" a wonderful place,in which there are not far, one from the other, two chasms in the earth and, in perfect match two chasms in the sky. "
These four tunnels lead to two different places, to whom, we, in futuro, we would have given the name of Heaven and Hell. Are two for each site since, one souls enter, and the other out. In perfect match with the place visited by our Poet, souls are judged. Their punishments are increased tenfold compared to the pain and suffering they have caused on Earth. in the same way,who has worked hard in good works and pious, It is rewarded with the same proportion. "

"Yup, I remember. in each case, from here you already understand how Plato, through Er, both defender free will. Indeed, judgment may make sense, only if there is also the free will. You can not condemn a feline that kills a prey to feed: he has no choice, is a feature which marks her code '.

"just like that, about philosophy Plato makes sense only on the assumption that there is a free will. Expanding the speech I think, our be men, has the same assumption.
Without free will, there is the 'uomo, there is not life conscious;the fact that few know how to find out, o far uso di questo fine, is another history".

'Indeed, a religion which puts'uomo in a such convenient, how dangerous is the luteranesimo. Per Luther l’uomo It has no power on his life. He is a slave of sin and its lowest instincts, and it does not have a chance to redeem in any way. Neither faith nor may entries anything. It is useless for the’uomo, “with his short arms”, attempts to reach It Gave. He can not make the mercy of It Gave even with the good works:original sin it would lead inevitably to sin again. It all depends It Gave, that in his omnipotence saves those who have decided eternity (eternity) save. In summary, They are dissolved concepts Divine grace and of liberty of choice. during the life l’uomo can neither approach It Gave with the faith, nor can it do the right thing. The doctrine Lutheran He throws man into the abyss of sin, and though, at the same time, He takes away from a lot of responsibility '.

"I've never understood this kind of doctrines that give no hope. Maybe it suits. If I move on tracks, and I can not change anything, are not responsible for the destruction of all that the train of my life invests. in this sense, non esisterebbe più né fine nor male, is, it seems to me, that the life umana perderebbe tutto il suo value: a be aware that it is able to use his awareness is a be extremely miserable and unhappy. These ideas,It gives a portion, allow the justification of actions harmful and, other, give a fertile ground where it can proliferate the cosmic pessimism.
Admitting that the truth
is not in scope of man, I rifugerei never in such doctrines, I'd rather look for all life."

"Some of you are right, ma se ci pensi fine è veramente problematico capire dove finisce la predestination is
where begins free will. If you consider that we are born with a certain genetic code, in a given historical reality, in a specific cultural context, environmental and family, about freedom You must find space in a sea of ​​factors
determinants external to us. I certainly do not claim that those who complain of their condition, without anything, know
make good use of free will, I only say that the matter is not so simple. Also because the same be depressed and de-
motivated chronic might be the result of genetic or hereditary characteristics such as being the gritty and brilliant

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