to be or not to be, that is the question: whether it is nobler mood to endure the insults, stones and darts iniquitous fortune, Or to take arms against a sea of ​​troubles and fighting disperse.
Die, sleep, anything more, and by a sleep to say we end the grief and endless miseries natural heritage of the flesh, solution is to be welcomed with folded hands.
Die, sleep, dream perhaps: but here is the obstacle, Which dreams they can attack us in that sleep of death when we already sdipanati from mortal coil, It holds us: This is the obstacle that of so long life our torments.
who would, se no, bear the whips and scorns of time, the oppression of the tyrant, contempt of’uomo borioso, the anguish of rejected love, the inertia of the law, the arrogance of the great, kicks in the face that patient merit of the unworthy, When he himself might his quietus make with a bare bodkin? Who would want to be loaded with big burdens cursing and sweating under the weight of a whole life weary, if it was not the fear of something, after death, the undiscovered country whence never returned any traveler, dismayed at our will and persuade us to endure our evils rather than run in search of others who do not know? Thus conscience does make cowards; thus the native hue of resolution fades before the pale thought. And enterprises of great pith and moment With this regard their currents: and lose the name of action…

William Shakespeare , Monologue Hamletto be or not to be .

Essere o non Essere
Fig. – to be or not to be 1

The monologue of the most incisive history He could not stay out of this path.
Although it is the famous joke Hamlet, "There are more things in heaven and on earth, Orazio, than he dreams your philosophy.ʱ?? , Hamlet it's a philosopher.

He wonders: to be or not to be, It is nobler to face the crossing of the sea life fighting, or enduring the fate stoically?
Bisogna coltivare la force dell’soul to meet the challenges that fate confronts, or to conquer a stable condition atarassia?

What is the true nobility: equanimity of mind or courage to fight for justice?
Qual è la vera force: the endurance or the ability to bring down the unjust?
What is the goal: peace or victory?

The not be and the death philosophical, the detachment from life , Nirvana: exit precarious existential condition, knowledgeably. The cancellation leading to the abandonment of existence to reach the departure from the earthly condition and the indifference to life itself.
Or choose to die,"not to be" physically, and end the paradox of life with the release of death.
The life, in quanto l’uomo It is related to the nature and "meat", It obliges us to struggle to survive and to protect ourselves and those we love. A fight involving all, that forces us to fight against our own family. Although 'uomo Oedipus He flees from his cruel destination, it is the meeting ineluctably.
Needless groped escape or hide: the inevitable storm eventually overwhelms.
And then we are at the mercy of events,we can no longer avoid the evils, because we have also accepted the goods. And then the only solution would remain to die?

But our life It is held by an invisible thread: about hope of a life after death physics.
However this bliss we must deserve, we must be worthy of 'love of It Gave. So bear the suffering and injustice of life earthly, for hope an otherworldly peace. So we are convinced "that it is better to endure our problems rather than run in search of others who do not know".

Or stay at the mercy of the doubt, between being and non-being, between the life and the death, between action and stillness. But this is the only choice that "makes cowards".

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