Do not delay the young to philosophize, nor the old man tired. No one is ever too young or too old for the health of 'soul. Who says the age for philosophizing has not yet come or has already elapsed, it is as if he said that has not yet come or has already passed the age for happiness. Philosophizing should be the young person is old; this because, getting older, can enjoy a youth of goods, for the grateful memory of the past; because what could be together young and old to the lack of fear of the future. We must therefore practice that can produce the happiness: if we possess all this; if not we, we try to do everything possible to possess. The things I have constantly recommended, flaws and exercised in them, considerandole i principi del ben live. Epicurus on philosophy
Aphorisms Epicurus.
Just because pleasure is our fine most important and innate, we do not seek any pleasure; There are cases where we give up many pleasures if there comes a trouble. We also consider the pains preferable to pleasures, when suffering from long endured there comes a pleasure higher. When we say that pleasure is our ultimate goal, we do not mean by this unbridled pleasures, and even those that have to do with the material enjoyment, as they say those who ignore our doctrine. The wisdom It is the beginning of all other virtue and teaches us that you can not be happy, without be essays, honest and righteous; and there is life wise, bella and that right is not also happy. The virtue They are in fact inherent in a life happy, and this is inseparable from virtue.
Aphorisms Epicurus.
The justice It does not exist in itself, but only in relation to each, and in those places where it has made a deal about the bear will not receive damage.
The gods exist, it is obvious to all, but they are as people believe common, which is brought to betray always the notion that it has innate.
What it is blessed and incorruptible has no problems,or procures others. Similarly it does not take hatred or passion; in him that is weak, instead, are all these things
Phrases Epicurus.
Better be but no luck essays that lucky and foolish. .
No pleasure is in itself a male: but the things which produce certain pleasures are causing many more torments pleasures.
"... Used to think that the death does not constitute anything for us, since the enjoying and suffering are both in hearing, and the death It is nothing but its absence. The exact consciousness that death it does not mean anything for us makes enjoyable mortality of life, without the deception of time infinity which is induced by the desire Immortality. Does not exist anything terrible in life for those who really know that anything there is a danger in not live more. Therefore it is foolish to those who claim to be afraid of death, not so much because his arrival he will suffer, but because the affects its continued waiting. What once this there disturbs, foolishly awaited us crazy. The death, Therefore the most heinous of all evil, It does not exist for us. When we live death there, when there is lei There is not us. it is not anything neither for the living nor for the dead. For the living there, i dead I'm not anymore. Instead people now escapes death as the worst male, now it invokes as the rest evils living. the true wise, as he does not mind live, so he is not afraid of no live more. The life for him is not a male, nor is a male the non- live. But how to choose the best food, not quantity, so not the time longer enjoys, but the most sweet ". (Phrases Epicurus) .
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