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Now what I really think is that the male It is never radical, but only extreme, and that does not possess nor depth nor demonic dimension. It can invade and destroy the world whole, because it expands on the surface like a mushroom. It is a challenge to thought, as I wrote, because the thought wants to go down, try to go to the roots of things, and when that is interested in the male It is frustrated, because there is no anything. This is the banality. Only Fine It has depth, and can be radical.
Phrases – The banality of male, Hannah Arendt

The Eichmann trial gave rise to many to think about human nature and movements this. Eichmann was everything except abnormal: this was her dowry scariest. It would have been less formidable an inhuman monster, because just as this made it difficult to identify with. But what he said Eichmann and the way he said it, It did nothing but draw the picture of a person who could have be anyone: anyone could be Eichmann, It would be enough be without awareness, come lui. Even before unintelligent, he had his own ideas and did not realize what he was doing. It was simply a person completely lowered into the reality in front of him: work, look for a promotion, reorder numbers on statistics, etc.…
More than intelligence he lacked the capacity to address the problem of the consequences and impacts of their actions.
Phrases – The banality of male, Hannah Arendt .
It was not stupid, It was simply no ideas[…]. That distance from reality and the lack of ideas, can be much more dangerous than all the evil instincts that are innate perhaps in’uomo. This was the lesson of Jerusalem. But it was a lesson, not an explanation of the phenomenon, nor a theory.
The banality of male Hannah Arendtphrases.
The trouble case Eichmann was that there were many men like him and that these many were neither perverted nor sadistic, but were, and still they are, terribly normal.
Aphorisms – The banality of evil, Hannah Arendt.
L’espulsione e il genocidio, Although both are international crimes, shall still; the first is a crime against the other nations, while the second is an attack on human diversity as such, that is, a characteristic of the human condition without which the same word “humanity” to deprive of every meaning.
Phrases – The banality of evil, Hannah Arendt.
It is in the nature of things that every human action that has done it once appeared in history of world It could be repeated even when it belongs to a distant past.
La banalità del male Hannah Arendtphrases.
The gaps of oblivion do not exist. Nothing human can be completely deleted and the world there's too many people because you do not know certain facts: someone will always remain in life to tell. and therefore anything It can never be practically useless, at least not in the long term.
Aphorisms – The banality of evil, Hannah Arendt.
The shares were monstrous, but those who did were almost normal, neither demonic nor monstrous.
La banalità del male Hannah Arendtphrases.
Samuel Grafton: What would be the real causes of the violent reaction of those who attacked his book?
Hannah Arendt: A major cause seems to have been the impression I have attacked the Jewish establishment, because not only do I have highlighted the role of the Jewish Council during the final solution, but I also showed how the members of this council were not only of “traitors”. In other words, since the process has touched the role of Jewish leadership during the final solution and I reported these events, all existing Jewish organizations and their leaders have thought they were under attack. What happened, in my opinion, It was organized and concerted effort to create a '”image” and to replace this book I wrote.
Phrases – The banality of evil, Hannah Arendt.
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