Epitaph on the tomb of Thales: "Small tomb of glory but as big as the sky that Thales 'the wise'
Diogenes Laertius on Thales

Thoughts is phrases of Thales of Miletus

Thales of Miletus was undoubtedly the most important of those seven men renowned for their wisdom – and indeed among the Greeks it was the first discoverer of geometry, the observer adamant nature, the most learned scholar of the stars
Apuleius of Thales of Miletus.
Early Philosophy, the more they thought that there are only material principles of things. That from which the thing have their be and from which they originate and where corrupting resolve - as the substance remains in the accidents while changing - said to be the primordial element and, it substance, the principle of things; why they think that anything is generated or perish in absolute, It is given that the substance remains forever… Ci dev’be in fact some substance, one or more than one, from which it is generated the rest it while remaining unchanged. As for the number and shape of this standard did not have all of the same opinion: Thales, the initiator of this philosophy, for its part he says that it is water.
Aristotle of Thales of Miletus.
" [Thales], while he is studying the stars and looking up, He fell into a well. A charming and intelligent maid trace teased, telling him that he cared so much about the things that are in heaven, but he saw those standing before him, between the feet. The same irony It is reserved for those who pass the time a filosofare […] causes the rice not only slaves of Thrace, but also of the rest of the people, falling, inexperience, in the pits and in every difficulty "
Plato of Thales of Miletus, Teeteto.
Thales for the mind how is the it gave and the whole thing is animated and full of demons; and the divine power, penetrating damp elementary, moves.
Aetius of Thales of Miletus.
"First it called a learned, when Athens was Archon Damasias; at the time of the latter also they were called the seven sages, Demetrio says the Phalerum in the registry of the Archons. "
Diogenes Laertius of Thales of Miletus.
It is said that the insistence of his mother who wanted him settled down and asking him: “Why do not you get married, Thales?”, he always answered: “It is too early”. Until one day changed his response saying: “It's too late”.
Diogenes Laertius of Thales of Miletus.
" …since, poor as it was, They tried to accuse him of the futility philosophy, having planned on the basis of astronomical calculations wide collection of olives, even in winter, despite having little money, I accaparrò all mills of Miletus and Chios for a pittance, since there was not any request; when it came time collection, looking at many mills urgently all available, he rented them at a price that would impose, collecting so many riches and demonstrating that for Philosophy It is very easy to get rich, but nevertheless do not care about this. "
Aristotle of Thales of Miletus.
Thales seems be the first to study the stars.
Heraclitus of Thales of Miletus.

Thoughts, aphorisms is phrases Thales of Miletus

Many words never indicate much wisdom.
Phrases Thales.
Water is the best of all things.
Aphorisms Thales.
The happy family, that without great wealth, however, he does not suffer from poverty.
Aphorisms Thales.
The hope is the only fine which it is common to all men, and even those who have no more anything They own it yet.
Phrases Thales.
Do not embellish your image; both beautiful instead your act.
Aphorisms Thales.
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