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Thoughts of Socrates

Socrates not leave anything written. His teaching was oral. Despite this, He managed to leave an indelible mark in thought, culture and history dell’West. All the thoughts, the phrases and aphorisms reported are taken from authors who wrote about Socrates. .
"But it is now coming forward to go: I die, e can, instead, a live.
But who of us go to what is best, It is obscure to all, except that the it gaveʱ??.
Socrates phrases .
Some are wiser than I to this’uomo, even if, probably, both of them hardly know anything; only that he believes know and does not know anything, while I, I do not know anything, I am at least convinced, therefore, a little more I know of him, if only for the fact that what we do not know, even I think I know.”
Socrates Phrases .
“I do not go around doing nothing but trying to persuade you, and younger and older,
which is not of the bodies, you have to take care, neither wealth nor no other thing before and
with greater commitment of not’soul so that it becomes good as possible, arguing that the virtue It does not come from riches, but that from virtue born the same riches and all other goods for men, and in private and in public”
Aphorisms of Socrates .
“Do you know where they sell fish?” “And, market.” “And you know where men become virtuous?” “No.” “Then follow me”
[and go to look for Socrates]
Phrases of Socrates .
Maybe, Critone, He was capable of doing the male, Why, then, It would be able, also to make the fine. And this would be a great bella thing. Instead it is not capable of doing neither the one nor the other, It does not make you become either wise nor foolish, but acts, so, at random.
Socrates phrases .
What a strange thing is the pleasure and pain; it seems that each of them always follow its opposite and we both do not want to ever be in the same person.
Socrates Aphorisms .
I have one last lesson to teach: they have to kill me because they know what they did.
The city will have to face his guilt.
Thoughts of Socrates .
Asked if we should get married or not, Socrates replied: “Either way you will regret”
Socrates phrases .
It is better to suffer a’ injustice rather than do it.
Socrates phrases .
But you see what nonsense makes me say this young man [Plato]!

(Socrates He is the protagonist of most of the writings of Plato. Probably Plato not always merely report the thought of Socrates but elaborated in its own way. Poached Plato She started to write when Socrates was dead, someone said that if he had read the dialogues of Socrates Plato he said the phrase quoted above.)
Socrates sentences .

"For the reason that they knew exercise fine their art, each of them was convinced be sapientíssimo, even great things, and just this defect put into the background while the wisdom which they had. "
Socrates Aphorisms .
Spòsati: if you find a good wife you'll be happy, if you find a bad, become philosopher.
Phrase south philosopher Socrates .
The being happy is a wealth natural, luxury is artificial poverty.
Aphorisms of Socrates .
The rhetoric, therefore, a quanto pare, He is author of that persuasion that leads one to believe that it does not teach anything around the right and wrong.
Socrates sentences .
you're wrong, friend, If you think a uomo of some merit should stand there and calculate the risk of life and of death, instead of thinking about whether what he does is right or wrong, and if he behaved uomo honest or evil.
Phrases Socrates .
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