Socrates was a philosopher ascetic? First you need to agree on meaning the term.
We start from the DEFINITION of asceticism:

L’asceticism denotes a life which it is characterized by the decline and earthly pleasures live in austerity. Those who practice styles life ascetic often they perceive their practices as virtue and seek to achieve greater spirituality. Many ascetics They believe that the action of purifying the body helps to purify’soul, and thus obtain a greater connection with what is divine. This can also take the form of self-mortification ritual or waivers brutal pleasure. These ascetics however, are of the view that the self-imposed constraints lead them to achieve greater freedom in various fields of their life, as a greater ability to think clearly and to resist impulses to various.

starting from Socrates, Plato tend to delineate the figure of philosopher. It will come out of a picture that shows considerable components ascetic. in particular, the philosopher Plato is no longer a victim of the '"attachment"The earthly passions, the vices of the flesh and materiality. He is able to govern the passions of the body.
In Symposium, Alcibiades tells how Socrates, that while he loved the beautiful Alcibiades, He can giacergli next all night without touching (remember that the Greeks l 'love homosexual was widespread and, by some, It was considered of highest value than heterosexual).
The Socrates of Plato It has a remarkable resistance to the pleasures of the flesh. Always keeps control of himself and his emotions. He lives so sober and frugal and it does not take from the passions.
Socrates always go around barefoot and has developed a high resistance to cold (which suggests, wineskin legend, I've trained your body and spirit). The evidence relating to the state of "trance" when he entered the philosopher, suggest that he needed long periods of meditation, where it drew in isolation.
The money and earthly riches certainly not interested. How not interested ease and comfort. And in the 'Apology Socrates He tells you to have reduced poverty, just for neglecting business.

It is difficult to understand where does the Socrates of Plato, and begins the historical.

Certainly the philosophical model of Plato It is considerably ascetic. even if, at first, l’erotica come search of beautiful It allows the spiritual elevation, in the next step, and the knowledge leading the 'uomo the final release, all’ "Out of the cave", which involves leaving everything that is related to sensitive . But the enlightened must "fall within the worldʱ??, competing with others to save those who are savable. The enlightened will then live in the sphere of the sensible practically throughout its existence.

in this sense, also asceticism of Socrates ends in his sociality. He is very attentive to the social to the position of 'uomo in society. A extreme asceticism is not compatible with its philosophy. The social dimension is the basis of his philosophy. Individuality and sociability can not vanish in a too extreme asceticism.
against, the renunciation of pleasure and control passions play a fundamental role in thought Socratic. Without control and without penalty, the figure of Socrates It would be completely different.

You must ask: "In all this his be philosophical, his family, that role was?ʱ??
It seems rather modest. His commitment to Philosophy and its focus on the education of young people were all-encompassing. Non a case, Adira a Critone Socrates: "Indeed, or not you have to put the world children, or must continue to sacrifice them to breed them and to educate them;ʱ??. even if Plato, nel Critone, tries to defend Socrates, these may be the echoes of a criticism that had been moved to Socrates (Plato almost always it expresses the views of its opponents with a certain lucidity). But there are those who say that Socrates He was dedicated to philosophy just to escape from the scolding of his wife Santippe !

actually, the real family Socrates (and large Masters), are the disciples. Their devotion a search and education is too absolutist to make room for a joyful, but challenging life family.

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